July 23rd, 2021

Bozeman Land For Sale

Bozeman MT Land Taunya Fagan

Bozeman Land For Sale 2021 – Building Lots – Ranch, Farm, Hunting Land 

Land For Sale in Bozeman and Gallatin County, MT – Over 90 Listings

Bozeman Land Listings Under $150000Bozeman Land Listings $600000 To $700000
Bozeman Land Listings $150000 To $200000Bozeman Land Listings $700000 to $800000
Bozeman Land Listings $200000 To $250000Bozeman Land Listings $800000 To $900000
Bozeman Land Listings $250000 To $300000Bozeman Land Listings $900000 To $1 Million
Bozeman Land Listings $300000 To $350000Bozeman Land Listings $1 Million To $2 Million
Bozeman Land Listings $350000 To $400000Bozeman Land Listings $2 Million To $5 Million
Bozeman Land Listings $400000 To $500000Bozeman Land Listings Above $5 Million
Bozeman Land Listings $500000 To $600000

Bozeman, one of the fastest growing, small cities in the US, is situated in the eastern part of Montana’s 2632 square mile Gallatin Valley, in Gallatin County, Montana’s fastest growing county.

Bozeman Land For Sale Median Sales Price
Median Sales Price 2015 to Present, Bozeman Land For Sale

Chart 1: In the last 5 years, (since July 2016) median sales prices for all sizes of Bozeman land have risen significantly, from $131,900 in Bozeman and $215,000 outside the city in July 2016 to $135,000 inside Bozeman and $305,000 outside the city in July 2021.

Generally, months of inventory drops at the end of each year and rises during summer and into early fall.

Chart 2: In the last five years, the months of inventory of Bozeman in-city land dropped significantly, from 14.4 months in July 2016 to 1.9 months in July 2021. This is historically low.

Out-of-city months of inventory, in July 2016 was 13.2 months; today it’s 3.2 months in July 2021, an historical low.

Bozeman Land For Sale, Month's Supply of Land For Sale
Months’ Supply of Properties 2015 to Present, Bozeman Land For Sale

In all of Bozeman, for all time up to July 2020, “Closed Sales, Dollar Volume” had never exceeded $85,000,000 in any month.

In one year (July 2020 to July 2021) “Closed Sales, Dollar Volume” for Bozeman land has more than doubled to over $170,000,000.

From 2005-2020, Bozeman’s population rose ~33%.

Pressures of Growth

Since 2010, Gallatin County’s population  has grown about 25%. Learn about Gallatin County’s Triangle Plan.

Bozeman’s growth is consuming farmland, so availability of large parcels of Bozeman land is diminishing and prices are increasing for all sizes of land.

And, many landowners are placing their property into Conservation Easements, further diminishing the availability and increasing the price of land in Bozeman.

Twenty years ago, Bozeman land was reasonably priced for the time, but now, in early 2020, the region’s growth and demand for land has driven up the area’s land prices way beyond what most locals would have envisioned possible 20 years ago. 

Compared to the cost of land in comparably-sized cities, Bozeman’s land is increasingly more expensive and acreage will continue to accrue in value at a greater rate than similarly-sized cities…as long as Bozeman growth continues and/or the economy remains vibrant.

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