March 29th, 2022

Manhattan Montana Real Estate

Photo Amsterdam, Churchill, Manhattan Montana Realty Listings

Manhattan, MT Real Estate – Manhattan, MT Homes For Sale

March 2022: Median price for Manhattan, Montana homes is $655,000

Manhattan, Montana real estate listings, includes Amsterdam and Churchill.

Manhattan Real Estate Listings Under $100000Manhattan Real Estate Listings $700000 to $800000
Manhattan Real Estate Listings $100000 to $200000Manhattan Real Estate Listings $800000 to $900000
Manhattan Real Estate Listings $200000 to $300000Manhattan Real Estate Listings $900000 to 1 million
Manhattan Real Estate Listings $300000 to $400000Manhattan Real Estate Listings 1 million to 2 million
Manhattan Real Estate Listings $400000 to $500000Manhattan Real Estate Listings 2 million to 4 million
Manhattan Real Estate Listings $500000 to $600000Manhattan Real Estate Listings Over 4 million
Manhattan Real Estate Listings $600000 to $700000What’s the history of Manhattan, Montana?

March 2022: Market Trends – Number Homes For Sale – Median Home Prices

MAR 2022$655,00010
DEC 2021$640,95010
SEPT 2021$615,00011
JUNE 2021$575,90012
MAR 2021$571,95015
Average Home Sales Price Manhattan MT Real Estate
Chart 1: Average home sales price, Manhattan, MT vs Bozeman.

Chart 1: After remaining flat, averaging around $573,000, from January to June 2021, for the first time ever, median home prices in greater Manhattan, Montana topped $600,000 in July 2021.

After July 2021, prices continued upward to their present $655,000 in March 2022.

Since March 2021, when home prices in Manhattan were $571,950, home prices have risen ⇑ $83,050 or ⇑ 14.5% increase in the last 12 months.

In the past 2 years, since March 2020, median prices in Manhattan have increased ⇑ $240,000 or ⇑ 57.8%!

In that same period, Bozeman home median prices have risen from $496,750 to $780,000, an increase of ⇑ $283,250 or ⇑ 57%!

In 2020, Bozeman’s ascending home prices lagged behind Manhattan’s! (see chart 1).

Beginning in January 2022, Manhattan, Montana’s median home prices began climbing after a flat period at the end of 2021, while those of Bozeman  have moved steadily upward in the past 2 years.

There are 10 homes for sale in Manhattan, MT in March 2022, compared to 83 homes for sale in Bozeman.

Chart 2: Note that Manhattan real estate (homes, condos, townhomes) prices were higher than Bozeman’s from December 2020 to March 2021!

Manhattan has retained the small town, ranching aura that has characterized the American West for decades.

Photo Manhattan MT vs Bozeman MT Average Residential Sales Price
Chart 2: Manhattan, MT vs Bozeman, MT average residential sales price (homes, condos, townhomes).

Interestingly, the town has had three names in its history: it was first named “Hamilton” in 1865.

Then, in 1883, Hamilton (not to be confused with present day Hamilton, MT)  was renamed “Moreland.”

In 1890 it was renamed a third time to the present, “Manhattan,” named for Manhattan, New York, from where it’s three founders came.

The farming region around Manhattan, Montana helps make Montana the 2nd largest barley malt producer in the US.

Average sales price for Manhattan MT homes has more than doubled since January 2018, increasing from $370,560 to $752,400 in January 2022.

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