June 23rd, 2020

Bozeman Real Estate Forecast

Bozeman Real Estate Forecast

Bozeman Real Estate Market Forecast 2020 – Bozeman Home Sales History – Montana’s Hottest Housing Market Is Bozeman

June 2020 Update: new residential listings were down from January to April 2020: in January inside Bozeman, new listings were 1281 and 632, outside city of Bozeman. End of April 2020: new listings decreased to 1270 inside Bozeman city limits, 651, outside the city.

Number New Listings: Bozeman Residential Property
Chart 1Number New Listings: Bozeman Homes, Condos, Townhouses

Average days on market remained steady from January to April 2020: inside the city, the average was down 1 day. Outside Bozeman, the average was down 2 days.

Median sales prices are down in Bozeman, May 2020.

Don’t ignore Warren Buffett’s famous quote, “Forecasts may tell you a great deal about the forecaster; they tell you nothing about the future.”

The big question, “What benefit can a ‘forecast’ do for my understanding of Bozeman’s housing market?” …not as much as you would hope. 

Bozeman Average Days On Market – Residential Listings
Chart 2 – Bozeman Average Days On Market – Residential Listings

April 2020 update: How will Covid-19 affect Bozeman real estate?

The Dow has risen from its March 23, 2020 low of 18,592 during the Spring Equinox, rising to 23,719 on Good Friday. The stock market remains close to this number in May 2020.

Regarding Coronavirus, a rising DOW may inspire buyer confidence; perhaps residential Bozeman homes and condos will be attractive to those wanting to escape Covid-19 and heavily-populated, heavily impacted areas of the US.

A variety of data and information, including forecasts, can affect the decisions you make…prudent or imprudent.

Bozeman Real Estate Median Home Sales Price by Year
Chart 3 – Median Bozeman Home Sales Price by Year Built

Or perhaps Bozeman’s housing market will contract–fewer sales–in the next, say, three months due to trepidation in the buyers’ market. New home construction in Bozeman is strong in May 2020.

Or even though mortgage rates are lower now than a year ago, these rates could increase, pushing some buyers out. Check Federal Fund Rate, which was .05, end of April 2020. Check Bozeman Price Trends.

Or rates could decrease in an government effort to stimulate the housing sector…it’s hard to predict Bozeman’s future housing market in this economic environment.

Supply of Bozeman Homes for Sale by Month
Chart 4 – Month’s Supply of Bozeman Homes For Sale

Building permits in February 2020 were more than 3 times those of February 2019!

We forecast that Bozeman’s market will weather fairly well the current economic downturn unless Covid-19 continues to impact the US late into 2020…things will get better.

New listings for March 2019 were fewer than March 2020–during the initial scare–1786 vs 1969, about a 9% increase in new listings 2020 over 2019.

Why more listings this March in the midst of a profound economic crash? Are people getting out? How long will it take for these properties to sell?

Sell, hold or buy, wait? Watch “Average Days On Market,” Chart 2 and “Median Sales Price,” Chart 7 for the next few months.

March 2020 update: the Coronavirus (Covid-19) scare, and to a lesser degree the oil market drop, is affecting the economy.

Bozeman Real Estate: Closed Bozeman Home Sales By Year Built
Chart 5 – Bozeman Real Estate: Closed Bozeman Home Sales By Year Built

Fallout from the ~9000 point stock market collapse in the last month (↓~30%) continues into the third week of March 2020 and will continue for quite some time. Conventional 30-year, fixed mortgage rates began rising in early March 2020.

The 2020 “forecast” was scrapped in early March due to Covid-19, but it was: “since 2020 is an election year, and to stem potential cries of bias toward one political party or the other, Fed rates would probably remain around 1.6% in 2020, with mortgage rates staying under 4%. In addition, job growth was strengthening and consumers were spending, indicating interest rate cuts were unnecessary at that time.

“Since 2020 is a presidential election year, the Bozeman real estate forecast suggested a softening real estate market in Bozeman, with continued growth but at a slower pace than 2019, with flatter home prices and a slight decrease in Bozeman construction starts (active link) compared to 2019.”

Nationally, supply of homes is expected to increase in 2020 to 1.42 million; up from 1.27 million in 2019. National Association of Realtors (NAR) suggests a 1.8% decline in US home sales in 2020.

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The 2019 Bozeman Real Estate Market Forecast

Bozeman Homes For Sale By Year Built
Chart 6 – Bozeman Homes For Sale By Year Built

History: You may recall that 2019 was a year of rate cuts: July 31, 2019 the Fed cut its benchmark interest rate by 0.25%, the first interest rate cut since 2008. Then, the Federal Reserve cut rates two more times for a total interest rate cut of .75% in 2019.

The 2019 Bozeman market saw median home prices continuing to increase but at a slightly lower rate than in recent years. Supply remained low compared to high demand, especially within Bozeman city limits.

Percent of list price that sellers received dropped in older homes, but, overall, percent of price dropped or remained flat in 2019. Please check Charts 1 and 5 for what happened Q1 to late Q4 2019.

Bozeman Real Estate Prices: Average Percent of Last List Price By Year Home Built
Chart 7 – Median Sales Price, Bozeman Residential Properties

The United States housing market outlook in early 2019 indicated that loan requests were predicted to be at their highest level since early Q2 2010.

The 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage interest rate averaged 4.74%, the lowest since April 2018.

In 2019, the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) chief economist, Mike Fratantoni, commented on his hopes for 2019.

Fratantoni, stated, “The spring home-buying season is almost upon us, and if rates stay lower, inventory continues to grow, and the job market maintains its strength, we do expect to see a solid spring market.”

In Bozeman’s vibrant real estate market, this prediction came true for the most part, keeping the Bozeman real estate market very warm once again.

Pre-2019 Bozeman Real Estate History Here



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