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Q2 2023: Residential Bozeman real estate costs $721,500 (median)Want a home?Condo?

Sales of residential property (homes, condos, townhomes) in Bozeman are slightly down – Bozeman Realty Forecast

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Bozeman, MT has been named the best place in the Rockies for healthy living and technology startups.

Photo Median Price, Bozeman Residential Sales History.
Chart 1: Median Price, Bozeman residential sales history. (View as Dynamic, Multi-Data Table.)

Chart 1: In the last 10 years, sales prices for all Bozeman residential properties have climbed, and dramatically from 2019 to 2022!

But, prices began declining in Q3 2022 and for the most part continue declining.

Condo prices are rebounding but home and townhouse prices continue declining.

Median sales prices throughout Bozeman began increasing above the average annual rate–about 9%–in May 2020, no doubt from from Covid-related, relocation.

But the market is slowing or correcting; we’ll see in the next few months.

More Bozeman Real Estate Price Data

Overall, from the beginning of the Coronavirus rush for residential housing–includes homes, condos, townhouses–in March 2020 to October 2022, median sales price in Bozeman moved from $429,450 to $740,000, rising $310,550 or ⇑ 72.3% in ~32 months.

Photo Bozeman residential real estate inventory by type.
Chart 2:  Bozeman residential real estate inventory by type. (View as Dynamic, Multi-Data Table.)

Chart 2: Q1 2023: Inside Bozeman’s city limit, the number of residential dwellings–homes, condos, townhomes–for sale is down ⇓ 130 from last Q3 2022’s (and 2022’s high) 290 to today’s 161.

Three years ago the number of residential dwellings for sale inside Bozeman was almost 400.

Chart 2: Outside the city, Q1 2023: the number of residential dwellings for sale is 168. Last year the number was 73 at the end of Q1.

In 2023, the number of residential dwellings for sale has dropped all year.

When Covid Began Dramatically Affecting Bozeman Properties

Looking back: Prior to March 2020, roughly when Covid refugees hit Bozeman, the real estate sales cycle inside and outside the city had been fairly stable, rising in the Spring and falling in late summer/ fall.

Looking way back: the drop from June 2017’s 380 listings in all of Bozeman–inside and outside–to the present 135 in June 2022, is a ⇓ 245 or ⇓ 64.5% drop in residential listings in Bozeman in last 5 years.

According to Livability, Bozeman is a Best Place To Live and Bozeman is a Best Place To Raise A Family

I offer you extensive experience finding distinctive Bozeman properties as well as the knowledge and expertise you need to choose and secure the right Bozeman, Montana property.

Buyers: I have the knowledge, expertise, and negotiating  experience required to help you choose and secure the right real estate to fit your requirements.

Sellers: I provide you with superior Southwest Montana realty services for selling residential and luxury properties, land, or ranches in the Bozeman, Montana region.

The Gallatin Valley region has received high livability rankings in “resiliency” and “civic capacity and engagement.”

Both buyers and sellers of property: I offer you 17 years of experience negotiating large, complex contracts for farm and ranch, building lots and land, luxury homes, commercial realty, and residential property.

Bozeman, Montana is the setting for Montana State University (MSU) and the city has a highly educated, vibrant, diversified workforce.

Fifty-seven percent (up from 43%  just a few years ago) of Bozeman residents have at least a bachelor’s degree. And all but about 2% have a high school diploma.

Taunya‘s Featured Bozeman Area and SW Montana Listings

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8435  Wagon Boss, BozemanBozeman Real Estate$1,575,000
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