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Livingston Montana Real Estate

Livingston Montana Photo Montage

Real Estate in Livingston, MT – Paradise Valley, Montana Listings

Homes Cost $538,000 in Livingston, Montana

Livingston Market Report – Homes, Land, Ranches, Commercial Real Estate

Livingston Real Estate Listings Under $100000Livingston Real Estate Listings $700000 to $800000
Livingston Real Estate Listings $100000 to $200000Livingston Real Estate Listings $800000 to $900000
Livingston Real Estate Listings $200000 to $300000Livingston Real Estate Listings $900000 to 1 million
Livingston Real Estate Listings $300000 to $400000Livingston Real Estate Listings 1 million to 2 million
Livingston Real Estate Listings $400000 to $500000Livingston Real Estate Listings 2 million to 4 million
Livingston Real Estate Listings $500000 to $600000Livingston Real Estate Listings Over 4 million
Livingston Real Estate Listings $600000 to $700000Learn All About Livingston, Montana History

Livingston, Montana Home Sale Prices

Chart 1: In Q2 2024, median home price in Livingston is at $538,000.

Photo Livingston, Montana median home sales prices.
Chart 1:  Livingston, Montana median home sales prices.

Q2 2023 median sales price for a home was $511,750.

In 2023, home prices increased ⇑ $38,250 or ⇑ 7.5%.

In 2022, home prices increased ⇑ $7,000 or ⇑ 1.2%.

In 2021, home prices increased ⇑ $106,030 or ⇑ 16.3%.

After more than a decade of increases, sales prices for Livingston homes have begun declining.

Looking Back at Livingston Home Prices

Chart 2: Since 2016, median sales price has gone from $237,200 in Q1 2016 to $538,000 in Q1 2024, an increase of ⇑ $300,800 or ⇑ 126.8%, in the past 8 years.

The top median sales price for a Livingston home was $587,500 in Q3 2022.

Previous year increases in Livingston, MT median home prices are as follows: 2015, ⇑ 14%; 2016, ⇑ 9%; 2017, ⇑ 12%; 2018, ⇑ 13%; 2019, ⇑ 1%; 2020, 15%.

Prior to Lewis and Clark’s expedition passing through Montana in 1805-1806, the Crow Indians had full reign of the Livingston and Paradise valley region.

In 1872, in Gardiner, Montana, south of Livingston, the nation’s first federal park, Yellowstone National Park, was established by President Ulysses S. Grant and the United States Congress.

Though autos were allowed in the Park at this time, nonetheless, from 1883 to 1915, tourists preferred taking the train from Livingston right up to the North—the original–entrance of the Park at Gardiner, Montana.

Did you know the US Army managed and then saved Yellowstone National Park during the period 1886 to 1918, when the US government had taken control?

Modern Livingston, MT

Over the decades, Livingston, MT has become an arts Mecca with many artists and writers living in the area’s distinct, old downtown homes or unique mountain and valley properties.

Downtown Livingston, Montana has over 15 art galleries and more than 200 artisans who live and work throughout Park County, Montana.

Many locals and tourists from around the world recreate in the Paradise Valley (Teddy Roosevelt’s gateway to Yellowstone National Park) and its preeminent Absaroka Mountains.

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