July 23rd, 2021

Bozeman Real Estate Seller Mistakes

Bozeman Real Estate Seller Mistakes

Making seller mistakes in your Bozeman real estate transaction can cost you time, money, even the property sale. With the right preparation, your sales process can be a very rewarding and profitable experience.

1. Rushing Into a List Price

One of the most important steps in preparation for listing your Montana home is calculating your listing price. I will assist you in the necessary research to establish a wise price, based on Comparables and perhaps even a home appraisal, if you so choose.

2. Setting a Poor List Price

Pricing your Bozeman real estate either too low or too high has specific ramifications; too low a price will more than likely get you a quick sale, if that’s what you intended.

But if not, too low a price will reduce your profit. Disclose all defects, problems, etc. with the property.

Bozeman home buyers will view more homes than just yours, so assume that both they and their agent will discuss value. If your house, condo or townhome isn’t reasonably priced, you may lose that perfect sale. Work with your Bozeman real estate agent to set a wise listing price.

3. Making a Bad First Impression

Ensuring great first impressions are intrinsic to selling your property! If a seller hasn’t taken time to declutter and clean, the sale could be lost at the door…prior to the prospective buyer entering. A home buyer will emotionally respond to your home, like it or not. 

If your property is unkept or hosting odd odors, buyers will be offended, perhaps progressing to the next property on their list, without considering yours. Take time to prepare your home. Invest in the preparation and profit from the sale

  • Wash doors, steps, windows, railings, walkways
  • Tend to your grass: cut, edge, reseed, weed
  • Declutter the yard
  • Trim trees, bushes, hedges
  • Sand, paint, touch up
  • Open interior doors when showing
  • Declutter the house, garage, outbuildings, barns, shops
  • Clean the house daily
  • Vacuum and shampoo carpets, runners, throw rugs
  • Clean bathrooms: toilets, showers, tubs
  • Always hang clean towels and maintain attractive soap
  • Doors and cupboards must not creak or squeak
  • Ensure lights are on inside and outside, especially a dust or dark
  • Consider playing modest, non-lyrical music.
  • Ensure the house smells of something attractive like baked goods or non-allergenic perfumes
  • Remove or separate pets to your vehicle or to an area away from clients
  • Always let in the light: open drapes, shades, curtains
  • On summer days, consider opening exterior doors (with screens)

A buyer will feel more comfortable in your home, perhaps spending more time, if you leave the property.

4. Being Too Tepid

The Bozeman real estate market is highly competitive. Neither you nor your REALTOR® should be docile. Demand a wise, caring REALTOR® who will aggressively market your home to Bozeman buyers.

Ensure your Bozeman real estate agent is a savvy Bozeman real estate marketer, with a high-ranking website; over 90% of Montana real estate buyers begin searching property for sale on the Internet. Are buyers able to discover your property on multiple, major property search sites and easily contact an agent about your home?

Does your Bozeman agent list ample and beneficial information about your property? Buyers are often impatient and don’t want to wait very long for a return call; they want fast facts, or they may ignore your property.

5. Failing to Adequately Review Your Contract

Take the contract stage very seriously. Closely review with your agent to protect yourself. Note terms, contingencies, monetary requests, improvements…anything the buyer indicates in his/her offer. (This is not the time to disclose issues about your home, for this could adversely effect the sale; this should have been done when signing listing documents with your chosen agent).

6. Choosing The Wrong Bozeman Real Estate Agent

Shop around. Interview various agents. Look for experience. You’ll spend time with the Bozeman MT real estate agent you choose, so ensure you can trust and enjoy being around that person or team.

Summary, Bozeman Real Estate Seller Mistakes

Ask lots of questions. Are you and your Montana Realtor’s communication styles similar? Do your schedules mesh? Is there an easy way to contact this particular Montana real estate agent?

Is he/she someone others have recommended as an excellent agent? Does he/she know the southwest Montana region and the SW Montana housing market? What are the Bozeman agent’s marketing strategies?


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