April 21st, 2022

Bozeman Home Buyer Checklist

Bozeman Homes Buyer Checklist

Bozeman Home Buyer Checklist – 39 Tips

Review this checklist, whether you’re contemplating or purchasing real estate, a prudent step in the home-buying process.

Bozeman home buyer checklist items to consider:

  1. Rights of Way that could affect your future Bozeman home.
  2. Consider doing a soils report.
  3. Get current information on Bozeman loans.
  4. Consider a structural engineer’s report.
  5. Get a Bozeman home inspection.
  6. Familiarize yourself with Bozeman HOA’s and subdivisions.
  7. Have the property checked for radon.
  8. Greenhills Ranch Bozeman Luxury Real EstateLook for prior legal proceedings which may affect the property, things a Title Company should do:
    • Foreclosure Proceedings (current or anticipated).
    • Tax Liens or Filings (current or anticipated).
    • Lis Pendens (notice of legal actions to be filed).
    • Lawsuits (current or anticipated).
    • Bankruptcy (current or anticipated).
    • Divorce Proceedings or Decrees (current or anticipated).
    • Zoning or Use Changes affecting the property (See #26 below).
    • Contact a lawyer to do research, if you believe you may be missing something.
  9. Consider applying for a home warranty.
  10. Get a noxious bug inspection if your area warrants it.
  11. Do a survey or ILC (Improvement Location Certificate).
  12. Review the, or make a, floor plan drawing.
  13. Has an appraisal been done in the past 3-6 months? If not, have an appraisal done.
  14. Has the septic been inspected in the past 3-6 months? If not, have an inspection done.
    • Septic pumping report.
    • Septic inspection report.
    • Review septic permit.
  15. Study closely the covenants for your property.
  16. Review closely the property’s HOA rules and regulations.
  17. Consider a hazardous materials inspection.
  18. Are there easements or encroachments affecting the property?
  19. Review building permits for all potential city and county property improvements you may want to do (City of Bozeman building permits).
  20. Ensure your property has been built within the parameters of its building permit requirements. (see #21)
  21. Compile a list of all home and property improvements done without building permits; this may be a red flag.
  22. Hire a well inspector. (Has a well report been complied within the last 3 months?)
    • Potability report.
    • Production report.
    • Recovery rate report.
    • Locate the well permit.
    • Locate the well log, often with the permit.
    • List all non-conforming water usages.
  23. Visit and review the Gallatin County Floodplain site (loads slowly).
  24. Any Encumbrances affecting the property?
  25. Get a Home Energy Efficiency rating report
  26. Review City of Bozeman Zoning and Gallatin County Montana Zoning and Use Information
  27. Mining, abandoned mines, and subsidence potential, which is vertical depression of the ground surface, due to: collapse of man-made cavities such as mines, tunnels and cellars and of entrances such as shafts, adits and wells; collapse of natural cavities, such as caves, fissures, associated openings; compression of ground, and lowering of surface due to compaction; or lowering of surface as previously frozen ground melts.)
  28. Request monthly utility bills for previous 12-month period.
    • Electric.
    • Gas (propane, oil, etc.).
    • Water.
  29. Investigate exterior insulation and finishing systems.
  30. Compile list of all the home’s energy features.
  31. Contact the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) president; get all members’ contact information, i.e., names, addresses, emails, phone numbers.
  32. Has the present or previous owner(s) compiled a list with dates of all major repairs or improvements done to the property?
  33. Research information on neighborhood organizations and businesses.
  34. Get information on Bozeman public and private schools and religious organizations.
  35. Have the owner craft a list of current warranties:
    • Roof.
    • Landscaping.
    • Well pump.
    • Hot tubs.
    • Antennas/Dishes (TV, Internet, satellite, ham radio).
    • Appliances (washer, dryer, fridge, etc.).
    • Driveway pavement and concrete.
    • Conveying vehicles like lawn mowers and tractors; farm implements.
    • Ask the owner for anything else you may need.
  36. Research public transportation access.
  37. Investigate and learn about Megan’s Law.
  38. Could there be additional documentation about the property that you may have overlooked?
  39. And, after purchasing your SW Montana property, make sure you file a Homestead Declaration.

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