June 16th, 2020

New Bozeman High School

New Bozeman High School

New Bozeman High School Officially Named, “Bozeman Gallatin High School.”

On February 25, 2019, after a Bozeman School Board 7-0 vote, Bozeman’s New High School was originally named, “Bozeman Westslope High School,” but after considerable opposition to this name, the Board voted 7-0 on March 25, 2019 to rename the school, “Bozeman Gallatin High School.”

Bozeman Gallatin High School Inner Courtyard - Cushing Terrell Architects
Bozeman Gallatin High School Inner Courtyard – Cushing Terrell Architects (CTA)

In May 2017, the Board of the Bozeman School District unanimously approved the architects’ and engineers’ 143-page schematic/preliminary design for the 304,000 sf new High School in West Bozeman: Gallatin High, address, 4455 Annie Street and due to open Fall 2020.

Gallatin High School Campus Map

After this, also in May 2017, Bozeman voters approved a bond request for $125M, of which $93M will go toward construction of Gallatin High School, soon to be the 177th Montana high school.

Photo Bozeman Gallatin High School Raptors Logo
Mascot: Gallatin High Raptors

It’s here! Gallatin High School has a name–Raptors–and a mascot, a royal blue and black deinonychus, a small, carnivorous dinosaur.

Gallatin High School Background:

Rapid growth in student population in the Gallatin Valley warranted this second high school, which is being built on 57 acres, bordered by Durston Road to the south, Flanders Mill Road to the east, West Oak Street to the north, and North Cottonwood Road to the west.

Map Bozeman and Gallatin High School Boundaries
Gallatin High School and Bozeman High School Boundaries

Although the new school was initially estimated to cost between $60 and $80 million, the bond was increased to $125 million, allowing both construction of this 1500 student, second high school on the west side of town, behind Meadowlark Elementary School, and also the renovation of Bozeman’s original high school, located at 1101-1211 West Main Street, near downtown, Bozeman.

Environmental Plan:

Within the schematic plan for the new school is the recommendation to use green building best practices from Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), whose goal is to foster well-designed, -operated, and -maintained K-12 educational facilities.

The design plan shows in detail how this Bozeman school project aims to earn 125 out of a possible 250 CHPS points. The

Bozeman Gallatin High School Site Plan
Gallatin High School Site Plan – Click For Full 143-Page Draft from CTA

Collaborative will provide a plaque, labeling the new school a “CHPS-verified” school.

To pass as a “CHPS-verified” school and receive certification, the new high school, which will be classified as a Montana “AA” school, must earn at least 110 out of the 250 available environmental points, which, in the case of this project (configured to receive 125 points), will include:

  1. Safety aspects
  2. Specific air heating and ventilation systems (perhaps geothermal energy)
  3. Modern energy efficiency methods
  4. Minimize indoor water use
  5. Make the building solar-ready
  6. Utilize state-of-the-art acoustics
  7. Encourage public, after-school activities
  8. Environmentally responsible construction waste management

Interior Spaces:

Bozeman's New High School Football Stadium
Exterior Spaces: Gallatin High Football Stadium
  1. Two-story library
  2. Three-story classroom wing
  3. 750-seat auditorium
  4. Competition gym seating 2500
  5. Two auxiliary gyms
  6. Arts, music, and drama classrooms
  7. Auto, wood, and metals shops
  8. Culinary arts classrooms
  9. Special education classrooms

Up-To-Date Information For Both High Schools


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