Your Bozeman Home’s Value

Your Bozeman Home’s Value – Establishing Worth – What’s My Home’s Value?

An important component in establishing your Bozeman home’s value–forming an estimate of its worth–is employing an experienced Bozeman real estate agent(Remember, though: the *best method to determine your Bozeman home’s baas value is by having it professionally appraised.)

Nonetheless, for determining a list price, your area’s market sales history is essential. Recent sales data from the sale of properties similar to yours will be used to help determine your home’s value. As a licensed Montana real estate agent and member of the Big Sky Country MLS (Multiple Listing Service), I have proprietary access to the confidential listing and sales history of this region.

Determining Your Bozeman Home’s Value (Worth) Through National Real Estate Companies

National real estate companies like Trulia, Zillow, Homes Dot Com, and many others do not have access to Bozeman’s MLS for studying listing and sales histories. These real estate companies cannot gain access and are forbidden to secure MLS information (unless given the information by a real estate agent, a seller, or a buyer) because Montana is a non-disclosure state, meaning sales data for Bozeman homesall Montana property for that matter– is publicly inaccessible to these and other private-sector real estate companies.

Consequently, these National realty companies don’t have accurate data to help you determine your Bozeman home’s value for listing or buying purposes; they can only offer gestimates for pricing, only gestimates of past Bozeman sales prices. (Also, they can only offer conjecture as to next year’s Bozeman real estate forecast; they’re always scrambling for accurate Bozeman housing data to determine worth and predict the future.)

Determine Your Bozeman Home’s Value By Using A Bozeman REALTOR®

But, being a Bozeman REALTOR®, I can supply you comparables (Comps) which will assist us in determining your Bozeman home’s value for listing on the Bozeman MLS. But, as mentioned in the *beginning of this article, the most accurate method for determining your Bozeman home’s value, is for you to call a Bozeman home appraiser who will professionally appraise your home. Appraisal information can help us fine-tune value in our effort to determine the best listing price for your Bozeman property.

Only a Bozeman MLS member can supply you with an accurate value of and an accurate price range for your Bozeman home, land, farm, or ranch listing!

Why do you think one company calls it a “Zestimate?”

Using no “Zestimates,” no “Gestimates,” but using, if you will, “Exactimates” formulated from the Bozeman MLS listing and sales history, a personal tour of your home, and, if you so chose, a Bozeman home appraisal, I will provide you with a Market Analysis, identifying the most accurate value for which to list your Bozeman, Montana residential home, building lot or land, luxury homecondo or townhouse, ranch or farm.