November 12th, 2021

Bozeman Condos For Sale

The Village Bozeman Condos and Townhomes Taunya Fagan

Bozeman Condos & Townhomes For Sale

Condos Cost $491,100 in Bozeman…⇑ $21,300! (Oct 1 to Oct 31)

Bozeman Condo Listings Under $100000Bozeman Condo Listings $800000 to $900000
Bozeman Condo Listings $100000 to $200000Bozeman Condo Listings $900000 to 1 million
Bozeman Condo Listings $200000 to $300000Bozeman Condo Listings 1 million to 2 million
Bozeman Condo Listings $300000 to $400000Bozeman Condo Listings 2 million to 3 million
Bozeman Condo Listings $400000 to $500000Bozeman Condo Listings 3 million to 4 million
Bozeman Condo Listings $500000 to $600000Bozeman Condo Listings 4 million to 5 million
Bozeman Condo Listings $600000 to $700000Bozeman Condo Listings Over 5 million
Bozeman Condo Listings $700000 to $800000

Median Sales Price Bozeman Townhouses
Chart 1: Median condo prices (only), inside and outside Bozeman (combined = red).

Chart 1: November 2021: Condo prices have been steadily increasing for years inside and outside Bozeman city limits, but ticked up in May of this year.

Last September to November (2020) the sales price for condos in Bozeman ($354,000) flattened, especially outside city limits.

Inside Bozeman from November 2020 to November 2021, condo prices increased from $351,300 to $499,000, a ⇑ $147,700 or ⇑ 29.6% increase in one year.

Outside Bozeman city limits, November 2020, condo and townhome prices climbed from $372,600 in November 2020 to $435,000 in November 2021, a ⇑ $62,400 or ⇑ 14.3% increase in price.

Chart 2: Average days on market in Bozeman began dropping significantly last August (2020), moving down from 50 days to the present 24.

Twenty-four days on market before selling makes buyers act quickly or lose out on that condo or townhouse! (Median Days on Market is 5. Which one should I trust?)

Days on market for condos and townhomes inside and outside Bozeman is 5.

Average vs Median?  –  The Pros and Cons Condo Living  –  Should I Buy a Condo?

Median Sales Price Bozeman Condos and Townhomes
Chart 2: Average days on market, condos AND townhomes (combined = red).

Life in a Bozeman townhouse or condo is different from life in a single-family, Bozeman home. Compared to single-family living, the Bozeman condominium or townhome lifestyle has its own particulars.

Before you consider owning a Bozeman condo or townhouse, ensure that the lifestyle is right for you. There is a growing number of condominiums in downtown Bozeman, MT where land is at a premium.

If you want to be in the heart of Bozeman’s downtown, a condominium or townhouse may be a good choice. If you specifically desire to live in a Bozeman condo community or townhome, please call.

Remember the general condo rule: You own the inside only. You do NOT own the outside or the property underneath your condominium. In contrast, you DO own the inside, the outside, and the property underneath your townhouse. Typically, both have HOAs “Homeowners Associations.”

When considering a condo in Bozeman, MT, read Montana Code Annotated: Condos

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