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Montana Residency

Get Montana Residency - Hunting Fishing Driving

Montana Residency Requirements – How to Become a Montana Resident – Getting Montana Residency*

How to establish Montana residency for getting a Montana driver’s license

  1. You are considered as having Montana residency after 60 consecutive days, and, consequently, you must have a Montana license in order to operate a motor vehicle in the state of Montana.
  2. For a Montana commercial motor vehicle license, the requirement is 30 days.
  3. For more information on Montana driver’s licensing, see Montana Code Annotated 61-5-103 and the Montana Department of Justice, Motor Vehicle Division Montana Driver Licensing page.
  4. Exceptionsdo I really need a driver’s license in Montana? Interestingly, there are about 15 types of exemptions to the Montana driver’s license requirement. 

Montana residency requirements for buying a Montana hunting and fishing license

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Montana State University Campus, Bozeman
  1. You are considered a Montana resident after having lived 180 consecutive days in Montana.
  2. After establishing Montana residency, you must live in the state of Montana a minimum of 120 days a year.
  3. Your principal home must be located in Montana. You must file Montana state income tax returns as a resident (if required to file).
  4. Vehicles operated in Montana must be licensed and titled as required by Montana law.
  5. You can be registered to vote only in the state of Montana.
  6. You cannot claim residency in any other state or country for any purpose.
  7. There MAY be different requirements for members of the US armed forces. For more information, go to Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

How to become a Montana resident to attend college in Montana Higher Education

  1. A student must be domiciled in Montana for one year immediately preceding registration.
  2. Attendance as a full-time student is not sufficient to qualify for residence.
  3. For more information, see Montana residency requirements for college.

Proving Basic Montana Residency (from the Montana Department of Justice website)

  1. Current auto or life insurance policy or statement.
  2. A certified copy of school records issued by a Montana school you attend or have attended within four months of applying for residency in Montana.
  3. A Montana voter registration card.
  4. ANY one of 4a through 4d below. Note: the proof you use MUST be dated or issued not more than four months prior to applying.
    a. your payroll check or its check stub
    b. statement from your bank
    c. your utility hook-up request or proof of your paid utility bill.
    d. cancelled mail addressed to the applicant
  5. Copy of your residential rental agreement, signed by the landlord or rental agent, which must include your name and address, OR a receipt for your rent paid.
  6. A written statement from your parent, guardian or adult child that you live at the same address as the parent, guardian or adult child. This proof method MUST include a copy of a document permitted under this rule and this document must indicate the MONTANA address of your parent, guardian or adult child.
  7. A receipt if you paid either to the State of Montana or your Montana county any personal or real property taxes within the last year.
  8. Your Montana income tax return or your US income tax for the previous year, either of which should indicate your Montana address. (Obviously, this choice will not work if you don’t file income taxes.)
  9. A copy of your home mortgage or an equity loan; either of these will indicate your name and address at which you live. Note: a rural address may be used if no other physical address is available. For additional methods, please go to Administrative Rules of Montana 23.3.131.

Are you homeless and seeking Montana residency?

  1. You will have to describe on paper the address where you presently live, for example, “I live on the east bank of the XYZ River, between Bubba’s Auto and Main Street, My Town, Montana.”
  2. You also have to indicate a legal mailing address, perhaps General Delivery at your Post Office.
  3. You also need to get in writing a letter on letterhead from a social service agency that states you are homeless and you live at the physical address you stated, i.e., east bank of the XYZ River, between Bubba’s Auto and Main Street, My Town, Montana.

Information on how to get Montana residency was collected from the Montana Department of Justice.

Do I really need a Montana driver’s license?

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