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Downtown Bozeman Modern History

Bozeman, the seat of Gallatin County, is an ever-evolving cow-town, college environment–home to Montana State University–and commercial hub for surrounding towns in Montana’s Gallatin County. Downtown Bozeman’s twenty, pedestrian-friendly blocks attract citizens to a profusion of things to do like art and food walks; annual parades; live theater; on-street, summer music events, and much more.

Bozeman’s downtown also offers professional firms; art, jewelry, book, coffee, clothing stores; many types of restaurants and breweriesgovernmental agencies like the post office, library, city hall, police facility, fire house, courthouse, and schools.

The first Gallatin County Courthouse was designed B & FW Vreeland 1880

The first Gallatin County Courthouse, architects B & FW Vreeland, 1880, included a jail.

Downtown Bozeman Historical Buildings

Now gone, the first Gallatin County Courthouse was designed by B & FW Vreeland in 1880 and included a jail. During Franklin Roosevelt’s era of the New Deal, 1933-1938, structures such as the Gallatin County High School (now replaced), designed by the architect, Fred Willson, exhibited a fine example of the Art Moderne style. Also designed by Willson is the present Gallatin County Courthouse, stylized in Art Deco Classicism. More downtown Bozeman history.

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