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Montana Brewing History | All Bozeman Breweries

Bozeman, Montana Breweries - Craft Brewers - ©Taunya Fagan Photo

Montana Beer History and Companies – Best Bozeman, Montana Breweries – List of all Montana Breweries

In 2024, there are over 120 breweries in Montana, listed below.

Photo Brewery Density by State. Montana is Third (beerandbrewing.com).
Brewery Density by State. Montana is Third (beerandbrewing.com).

Beginnings, Montana Brewing History: First named “Thorn-Smith Brewery” and then renamed “Virginia Brewery,” Montana’s first craft brewing industry began in Virginia City, Montana Territory in 1863–around the middle of the Civil War–by Thomas Smith, Christian Ritcher, and Henry Gilbert.

That same year–1863–just after the invention of the refrigerator in 1860, America produced 1,765,827 barrels of beer.

In Bozeman, beer-making history began in 1867 by German immigrants, Jacob Spieth and Charles Krug (Now, the new Union Hall Brewery, Bozeman).

Montana Billings Brewery Beer-Bottle Car Western Heritage Center Photo
Billings Brewery Beer-Bottle Car Montana’s Western Heritage Center Photo

According to Michael Fox, history curator at Bozeman’s Museum of the Rockies,

“Brewers and breweries were some of the earliest community-building operations in Montana. Breweries were pretty much one of the first things built, usually before the church, in fact.”

According to Steve Losar, professor of anthropology at Salish Kootenai College, owner of Polson’s beer museum, and a man steeped in Montana beer history,

Having a brewery meant you had a stable town. It was part of the economic fabric and was tied to industries like mining and logging that produced thirsty kinfolk.

Photo Beer Tax By State 2022 - Tax Foundation - Includes Montana's Beer Tax.
Beer Tax By State 2022 – Tax Foundation – Includes Montana’s Beer Tax.

At that time, and to this day, Southwest Montana’s Gallatin Valley was home to some of the West’s biggest malt growers.

In fact, the Gallatin Valley, especially the city of Manhattan, Montana, was considered the “Egypt of the West,” emphasizing its grain-growing prowess.

In 2021, barley production in Montana (23.75 million bushels) was second to Idaho in the US. In late 2018, Montana craft breweries produced approximately 18,500 barrels of beer and employed 2732 people.

In 2017, Brewers used over 7,000,000 pounds of malt per year and barley acreage was around 940,000 acres, ranking Montana second in the nation for barley.

Today, in 2022, Montana’s number of craft breweries is well over 100 (most listed below), and together Montana breweries comprise one of Montana’s fastest growing manufacturing divisions.

Photo US Brewing Consumption by State. Montana is Third. (WiseVoter.com)
US Brewing Consumption by State. Montana is Third. (WiseVoter.com)

According to the Montana Brewers Association, Montana ranks second in the US for breweries per capitaVermont ranks first, Maine ranks 3rd.

According to a 2016 BBER research report, between 2010 and 2015, craft beer production in Montana increased by 87%, sales increased by 111 percent, and employment increased by 204%.

And, in late 2018, Montana breweries directly and indirectly employed more than 3000, had an annual economic impact of over $442 million, and sold their products to more than 120 million people.

Montana brewery list and guide for 118 Breweries in Montana in 2023 (Over 120 TTB Permits).

Anaconda, Montana

Smelter City Brewing
101 Main Street
Anaconda, MT 59711
Telephone: 406-490-5914

Baker, Montana

Old Skool Brewing
115 East Montana Avenue, Ste B
Baker, MT 59313
Telephone: 406-778-6722

Belgrade, Montana

Big Hole Brewing Company
401 E. Main St.
Belgrade, MT 59714
Bar 3 Brewing
100 South Broadway
Belgrade, MT 59714
Dog Tag Brewing
PO Box 768
Belgrade, MT 59714
Madison River Brewing
20900 I-90 Frontage
Belgrade, MT 59714
Telephone: 406-388-0322
Brewer/Owner: Howard McMurry
Outlaw Brewing
100 South Broadway
Belgrade, MT 59714

Belt, Montana

Harvest Moon Brewery
7 Fifth Street South
Belt, MT 59412
Telephone: 406-277-3188
Owners: Stan Guedesse, John Ballantyne

Big Sky, Montana

Beehive Basin Brewery
245 Town Center Dr.
Big Sky, MT 59716
Telephone: 303-328-7338
Lone Peak Brewery
48 Market Place
PO Box 161773
Big Sky, MT 59716
Telephone: 406-995-3939
Brewer/Owner: Steve Nordahl

Big Timber, Montana

Crazy Peak Brewing Company
202 E 1st Ave., Ste. 3
Big Timber, MT 59011
Telephone: 406-932-5347

Bigfork, Montana

Flathead Lake Brewing
116 Holt Dr., Ste. A
Bigfork, MT 59911
Telephone: 406-837-2004
Brewer: Tim Jacoby
Spotted Bear Spirits
503 Railway St., Suite A
Whitefish, MT 59937
Telephone: 406.730.2436
Flathead Lake Brewing – Woods Bay
26008 East Lake Shore Rte.
Bigfork, MT 59911
Telephone: 406-837-0353
Brewer: Tim Jacoby
Whistling Andy Inc.
8541 State Highway 35
Bigfork, Montana 59917
Telephone: 406.837.2620

Billings, Montana

Angry Hank’s
2405 1st Avenue North
Billings, MT 59101
Telephone: 406-252-3370
Owner: Tim Mohr
Black Eagle Brewery
1602 25th Ave. NE (next to Pit Stop Tavern)
Black Eagle, MT 59414
Telephone: 406-315-3082
Brewer: Jason Lehman
By All Means Brew Lab
1400 S. 24th St., #3
Billings MT 59102
Telephone: 406-315-3082
Canyon Creek Brewing
3060 Gabel Road
Billings, MT 59102
Brewer: Ron Kalvig
Carter’s Brewing
2526 Montana Avenue
Billings, MT 59101
Telephone: 406-252-0663
Brewer/Owner: Michael Uhrich
FreeFall Brewery
300 S. 24th St. W, A24
Billings, MT 59102
Telephone: 406-601-1025
Himmelberger Brewing CLOSED
3008 First Avenue North
Billings, MT 59101
Telephone: 406-252-1200
Brewer/Owner: Dave Himmelberger
Montana Brewing Company
113 North Broadway
Billings, MT 59101
Telephone: 406-252-9200
Brewer: Evan Taylor
Thirsty Street Brewing Company
3008 First Avenue North
Billings, MT 59101
Telephone: 406-969-3200
2305 Montana Avenue
Billings, MT 59101
Telephone: 406-534-6960
Brewer: Mark Hastings
Yellowstone Valley Brewing
2123-B First Avenue, North
Billings, MT 59101
Telephone: 406-245-0918
Brewer: George Moncure

Bonner, Montana

Kettlehouse Brewing Company
605 Cold Smike Ave.
Bonner, MT 59823
Telephone: 406-728-1660
Brewers: Tim O’Leary and Suzy Rizza

Bozeman, Montana

406 Brewing Company
101 East Oak Street, Suite D
Bozeman, MT 59715
Telephone: 406-585-3745
Brewer: Matt Muth
Bar 3 Bar-B-Q & Brewing
5215 North 7th
Bozeman, MT 59715
Telephone: 406-587-8789
Bozeman Brewing
504 North Broadway
Bozeman, MT 59715
Telephone: 406-585-9142
Brewers: Todd Scott, Bill Hyland
Bozeman Tap Room
321 E. Mendenhall St.
Bozeman, MT 59715
Telephone: 406-577-2337
Bridger Brewing Company
1609 South 11th Avenue
Bozeman, MT 59715
Telephone: 406-587-2124
Owner: David Breck
Bunkhouse Brewery
7715 Shedhorn Drive
Bozeman, MT 59718
Brewer: Andrew Stohlmann
Telephone: 406-577-2130
Julius Lehrkind Company
1717 N. Rouse Avenue
Bozeman, MT 59715
Telephone: 406-551-0199
Last Best Place Brewing
605 N. Seventh Avenue
Bozeman, MT 59715
Telephone: 406-551-0199
MAP Brewing Company
510 Manley
Bozeman, MT 59715
Telephone: 406-587-4070
Montana Ale Works
611 East Main Street
Bozeman, MT 59715
Brewer: Kevin Paquette
Telephone: 406-587-7700
Mountains Walking Brewery
808 E Avocado St.
Bozeman, MT 59715
Brewer: Kevin Paquette
Telephone: 406-219-3480
Nordic Brew Works Closed
730 Boardwalk Ave. Suite 1B
Bozeman, MT 59715
Outlaw Brewing
2876 N. 27th St.
Bozeman, MT 59715
Telephone: 406-388-9182
Brewer: Todd Hough
Union Hall Brewery (Spieth & Krug)
121 West Main Street, Ste B,
Bozeman, MT, 59715
Valhalla Meadery 
1875 Bridget Drive,
Bozeman, MT, 59715
White Dog Brewing Closed
121 W. Main St. Unit B
Bozeman, MT 59715

Butte, Montana

Quarry Brewing
124 W. Broadway Street
Butte, MT 59701
Telephone: 406-723-0245
Brewer: Chuck Schnabel
Muddy Creek Brewery
2 E. Galena St.
Butte, MT 59701
Telephone: 406-299-3645
Brewer: Gregg Wigen
Butte Brewing Company
480 E. Galena St.
Butte, MT
Telephone: 406-494-7710
Owners: Tony and Teresa Olson
CopperWild Brewing Company
43 E. Park St.
Butte, MT 59701
Telephone: 406-782-1700

Columbia Falls, Montana

Backslope Brewing Company
1107 9th St. W. U.S. Highway 2
Columbia Falls, MT 59912
Telephone: 406-897-2850
Brewers: Darin Fisher

Coram, Montana

Glacier Distilling Company
10237 U.S. Highway 2, E.
Coram, Montana 59913
Telephone: 406.387.9887

Cut Bank, Montana

Cut Bank Creek Brewing
315 Railroad Street
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Telephone: 406-229-0298

Darby, Montana

Bandit Brewing Company
308 E. Tanner Rd.
Darby, MT 59829

Deer Lodge, Montana

Elk Ridge Brewing Company
3320 Main St.
Deer Lodge, MT 59722

Dillon, Montana

Beaverhead Brewing Company
218 S. Montana St.
Dillon, MT 59725

Ennis, Montana

Burnt Tree Brewing
311 E. Main St.
Ennis, MT 59729

Eureka, Montana

H.A. Brewing(aka Homestead Ales)
2525 Grave Creek Road
Eureka, MT 59917
Telephone: 406-889-3950
Owner/Brewer: Chris Neill
Koocanusa Brewery
5223 US 93
Eureka, MT 59917
Telephone: 406-260-7109

Fort Benton, Montana

Golden Triangle Brew Company
1500 Front Street
Fort Benton, MT 59442
Telephone: 406-253-0069

Frenchtown, Montana

Old Bull Brewing
16862 Beckwith Street
Frenchtown, MT 59834
Telephone: 406-626-5472

Glasgow, Montana

Busted Knuckle Brewery
303 1st Avenue South
Glasgow, MT 59230
Telephone: 406-228-2277

Glendive, Montana

Cross Country Brewing
320 E. Allard
Glendive, MT 59330
Telephone: 406-377-6912

Great Falls, Montana

Bowser Brewing
1826 Tenth Avenue South
Great Falls, MT 59405
Telephone: 406-315-1340
Owner: Evan Bowser
Brewer: Dennis Holland
Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Co.
600 3rd Avenue Street
Great Falls, MT 59405
Telephone: Unlisted
Mighty Mo Brewing
412 Central Avenue
Great Falls, MT 59405
Telephone: 406-952-0342
The Front Brewing Company
215 3rd Street NW
Great Falls, MT 59405
Telephone: 406-727-3947

Hamilton, Montana

Bitter Root Brewing
101 Marcus Street
Hamilton, MT 59840
Telephone: 406-363-7468
Higherground Brewing Company
518 N. First Street
Hamilton, MT 59840
Owners/Brewers: Jasper Miller, Fenn Nelson

Harlowton, Montana

Galley’s Brewing Company
30 Central Avenue, South
Harlowton, MT 59036

Havre, Montana

Old Station Brewing Company
140 First Street
Havre, MT 59501
Triple Dog Brewing Company
675 1st Street West
Havre, MT 59501
Vizsla Brewing
1753 US Highway 2, Space 17
Havre, MT 59501

Helena, Montana

Blackfoot River Brewing
66 S. Park Avenue
Helena, MT 59601
Telephone: 406-449-3005
Brewers: Tim Chisman, Becky Molm
Cooper Furrow Brewing
2801 N. Roberts Avenue
Helena, MT 59601
Telephone: 406-422-5975
Lewis & Clark Brewing
1517 Dodge Avenue
Helena, MT 59601
Telephone: 406-442-5960
Brewer: Sean Tobin
Missouri River Brewing Company
451 Spencer Court
East Helena, MT 59635
Telephone: 406-422-4936
Snow Hop Brewery CLOSED
685 Barney Street, A
Helena, MT 59602
Telephone: 406-422-5026
Ten Mile Creek Brewery
46 N. Last Chance Gulch
Helena, MT 59601
Telephone: 406-231-0575

Kalispell, Montana

Bias Brewing
409 First Ave. E., Suite B
Kalispell, MT 59901
Telephone: 406-407-2205
Kalispell Brewing Company
412 Main Street
Kalispell, MT 59901
Telephone: 406-270-1958
Owners: Maggie Doherty and Cole Schneider
Sacred Waters Brewing Company
3250 US Highway 2 East
Kalispell, MT 59901
Telephone: 406-253-0746
SunRift Beer Company
55 1St Avenue West, North
Kalispell, MT 59901
Telephone: 406-314-6355

Lakeside, Montana

Tamarack Brewing Co.,
Alehouse and Grill
105 Blacktail Road #1
Lakeside, MT 59922
Telephone: 406-844-0244
Brewer: Craig Koontz

Laurel, Montana

High Plains Brewing
601 East Main Street
Laurel, MT 59044
Telephone: 406-633-4594
Brewer: Dave Bequette

Lewistown, Montana

Big Spring Brewing
220 East Main St.
Lewistown, MT 59457
Telephone: 406-535-2337

Libby, Montana

Cabinet Mountain Brewing Company
206 Mineral Ave.
Libby, MT 59923
Telephone: 406-293-2739

Livingston, Montana

Neptune’s Brewery
119 North L Street
Livingston, MT 59047
Telephone: 406-222-7837
Brewer: William Taylor
Katabatic Brewing Company
114 W. Park St.
Livingston, MT 59047
Owners: Brice Jones, LaNette Diaz

Lolo, Montana

Lolo Peak Brewery
6201 Brewery Way
Lolo, MT 59847
Telephone: 406-600-9688

Malta, Montana

Blue Ridge Brewing
320 S 1st St E.
Malta, MT 59847
Telephone: 406-654-2855

Miles City, Montana

Tilt Würks Brewhouse
420 Pacific Avenue
Miles City, MT 59301
Telephone: 406-874-8458

Missoula, Montana

Bayern Brewing
1507 Montana Street
Missoula, MT 59801
Telephone: 406-721-1482
Owner: Juergen Knoeller
Brewer: Thorsten Geuer
Big Sky Brewing
5417 Trumpeter Way
PO Box 17170
Missoula, MT 59808
Telephone: 406-549-2777
Brewer: Matt Long
Conflux Brewing Company
200 East Main Street
Missoula, MT 59802
Telephone: 406-926-3589
Cranky Sam Public House
233 West Main Street
Missoula, MT 59802
Telephone: 406-540-4325
Draught Works
915 Toole Avenue
Missoula, MT 59802
Telephone: 406-541-1592
Brewers/Owners: Jeff Grant, Paul Marshall
Gild Brewing
525 S. Higgins Avenue
Missoula, MT 59801
Great Burn Brewing
2230 McDonald Avenue
Missoula, MT 59801
Owners: Mike Howard, Diana Garrett, Greg Howard
Great Burn Brewing
2230 McDonald Avenue
Missoula, MT 59801
Owners: Mike Howard, Diana Garrett, Greg Howard
Imagine Nation Brewing
1151 W. Broadway
Missoula, MT 59801
Telephone: 406-459-8993
Owners: Robert Rivers, Fernanda
Menna, and Barreto Krum
Highlander Beer – Missoula
200 International Drive
Missoula, MT 59801
Telephone: 406-549-8193
Brewer: Gary Gagliardi
KettleHouse Brewery – Northside
313 North First Street West
Missoula, MT 59802
Telephone: 406-728-1660
Missoula Brewing Company
200 International Dr
Missoula, MT 59808
Owner: Bob & Shannon Lukes

Philipsburg, Montana

Philipsburg Brewing Company (Vault)
101 West Broadway
Philipsburg, MT 59858
Telephone: 406-859-2739 (BREW)
Brewer: Mike Elliot
Philipsburg Brewing Company
106 Brewery Road
Philipsburg, MT 59858
Telephone: 406-859-3226
Brewer: Mike Elliot

Polson, Montana

Glacier Brewing
6 Tenth Avenue East
Polson, MT 59860
Telephone: 406-883-2595
Owner/Brewer: David Ayers

Red Lodge, Montana

Red Lodge Ales
1445 North Broadway
PO Box 2278
Red Lodge MT 59068
Telephone: 406-446-4607
Brewers: Sam Hoffmann, Justin Moore

Ronan, Montana

Ronan Cooperative Brewery
400 Main Street
Ronan MT 59864
Telephone: 406-676-4677

Sheridan, Montana

Ruby Valley Brew
111 S. Main Street
Sheridan, MT 59749
Telephone: 406-842-5977

Sidney, Montana

Meadowlark Brewing Company
119 S. Central Avenue
Sidney, MT
Owner: Travis Peterson
1035 Brewing
1035 S. Central Avenue,
Sidney, Montana 59270
Telephone: 406-433-3055

Stevensville, Montana

Blacksmith Brewing Company
114 West Main Street
Stevensville, MT 59870
Telephone: 406-777-0680
Wildwood Brewing
4018 Highway 93 North
Stevensville, MT 59870
Telephone: 406-777-2855
Owner/Brewer: Jim Lueders

Superior, Montana

Dunluce Brewing
Superior, MT
Owner/Brewer: Adam Hauge

Thompson Falls, Montana

Limberlost Brewing Company
1017 Main Street
Thompson Falls, MT

Three Forks, Montana

Bridger Brewing
75 Vigilante Way
Three Forks, MT

Townsend, Montana

Canyon Ferry Brewing Company
303 Broadway
Townsend, MT 59644

White Sulphur Springs, Montana

2 Basset Brewery
202 E. Main Street,
White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645

Whitefish, Montana

Bonsai Brewing
549 Wisconsin Ave.
Whitefish, MT 59937
Owner/Brewer: Graham Hart
Spotted Bear Spirits
503 Railway St., Suite A
Whitefish, MT 59937
Phone: 406-730-2436
Great Northern Brewing
2 Central Avenue
Whitefish, MT 59937
Telephone: 406-863-1000
Brewer: Joe Barberis

Wibaux, Montana

Beaver Creek Brewery
104 Orgain Avenue West
PO Box 196
Wibaux, MT 59353
Telephone: 406-795-2337
Brewer: Sandon Stinnett

Wolf Point, Montana

Missouri Breaks Brewing
326 Main Street
PO Box 654
Wolf Point, MT 59201
Telephone: 406-653-1467

Information for this piece was gathered from these people and sources: Steve Losar, Colin B. Sorenson, Todd A. Morgan, Shannon Furniss, Gail Schontzler-Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Colin Sorenson-University of Montana, Montana Beer Finders, beerhistory.com, Billings Gazette, Ratebeer, and others.

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