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Bozeman Schools

Bozeman School District – Public, Private, Post-Secondary Educational Institutions in Gallatin County, Montana.

Gallatin high school, Bozeman newest school

In May 2017, Bozeman School District voters approved a $125m bond both for Gallatin high school, to be completed in time for the 2020 school year, and for renovation of the existing Main Street Bozeman high school.

“Gallatin County District Schools” include these area schools: Amsterdam #75, Anderson #41, Belgrade #44, Bozeman #7, Gallatin Gateway #35, LaMotte #43, Malmborg #47, Manhattan #3, Monforton #27, Ophir (Big Sky) #72, Pass Creek #25, Springhill #20, Three Forks #24, West Yellowstone #69, Willow Creek #15

Purpose of the Bozeman Public School District – BSD7Bozeman School District Boundary Map

To provide an outstanding education in a caring, student-centered environment. High expectations challenge children to achieve their maximum intellectual and social potentials as they develop lifelong learning skills.

Photo Bozeman, Montana Schools Map 2023.
Bozeman, MT Schools Map.

The Bozeman Public School System invests in its students because they are the future. Families, community and educators work collaboratively to meet the diverse needs of all students and to achieve the goal of educational excellence.

Everything that is done must be good for children.

The School’s decisions are based on educational soundness, not personal comfort or political expediency. We realize that to continue educational excellence in our world today is to be open to change. We are investigating, learning, trying, exploring, fine-tuning, and constantly leading change. We want to create an environment in our district that is demanding but nurturing, rigorous but compassionate, safe but risk-taking, fosters both independence and collaboration, and requires accountability as well as involvement from everyone.

Bozeman Schools Basic Beliefs


BSD7 employs and keeps well-qualified, dedicated staff. Diversity of opinion and varieties of teaching styles are encouraged. It is expected that the work of all employees supports the mission of the district. In a time of tight budgets and increasing number of students, the district doesn’t ask people to do the impossible. Work assignments are commensurate with resources and support available.

Gallatin County Montana and Bozeman School District Map
Gallatin County Montana School Districts Map


The District believes that, given the right circumstances, all students can and must learn. They must leave our schools prepared to be productive citizens, able to work, and ready to be lifelong learners. Students are treated with respect, dignity and warmth so that they will want to come to school. Each student is special and brings unique gifts and needs to the school. BSD7 celebrates individual differences, takes students as they come to, and provides for differences in abilities, needs and learning styles. All school district staff are advocates for the needs of children.


Community involvement and support is essential for effective schools. Parents are their children’s first teachers and central to their lives; therefore, they must be major participants in the educational process. Parents and community need to be involved in planning and implementing the education program of the district. 


Our resources go directly to the instructional process, as much as possible. We are good stewards of the funds we receive from the public. We are responsible for taking care of the schools and other facilities our community has entrusted to us. Our buildings and equipment need to be safe, attractive and comfortable. Our excellent school system promotes economic viability in Bozeman and Montana.

If you are interested in locating homes for sale in Bozeman and other communities near area schools, please call Taunya at 406.579.9683.

Montana State University (MSU)

Nestled in the beautiful Gallatin Valley, in Bozeman, MT, Montana State University (MSU) is a safe, supportive community, offering significant opportunity to integrate your educational experience with the great outdoors, from skiing and snowboarding to fly fishing and dinosaur digs. MSU is an accredited Montana land grant university offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in 120 fields of study. Montana State University is ranked in the top tier of U.S. research institutions by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Students are encouraged to pursue their specific interests by immersing themselves in creative and/or research experiences. Talented faculty work closely with students to help them focus their work and develop their ideas. Accomplished faculty researchers interact with students to combine scientific principles, theory, ethics, and techniques with the opportunity to explore new concepts and ideas that address significant global issues. Students at Montana State University have the opportunity to explore their passions with the mentoring and guidance of some of the best teachers and researchers in the world.

Bozeman School District Phone Numbers – Bozeman Schools Enrollment Office

Bozeman High School(406) 522-6200
Bozeman High School Attendance(406) 522-6210
Gallatin High School(406) 522-4600
Gallatin High School Attendance(406) 522-4610
Bridger Alternative High School(406) 522-6100
Bridger Alternative High School Attendance(406) 522-6110
Chief Joseph Middle School(406) 522-6300
Chief Joseph Middle School Attendance(406) 522-6310
Emily Dickinson Elementary School(406) 522-6650
Emily Dickinson Elementary School Attendance(406) 522-6610
Hawthorne Elementary School(406) 522-6700
Hawthorne Elementary School Attendance(406) 522-6710
Irving Elementary School(406) 522-6600
Irving Elementary School Attendance(406) 522-6565
Longfellow Elementary School(406) 522-6150
Longfellow Elementary School Attendance(406) 522-6160
Morning Star Elementary School(406) 522-6500
Morning Star Elementary School Attendance(406) 522-6510
Sacajawea Middle School(406) 522-6470
Sacajawea Middle School Attendance(406) 522-6410
Whittier Elementary School(406) 522-6750
Whittier Elementary School Attendance(406) 522-6770

Gallatin County School Districts – Gallatin County, MT Public and Private Schools

Bozeman #07

Schools & AdministratorsAddressPhoneEnrollment
Bozeman School District Superintendent K-12P.O. Box 520406 522-6001
   SuperintendentBozeman, MT 59771406 582-3093 fax
Chief Joseph Middle School 6-8309 N. 11th 6th – 8th406 588-6300553
   PrincipalBozeman, MT 59715
Emily Dickenison K-52345 Annie406 522-6650516
   PrincipalBozeman, MT 59718406 522-6306 fax
Hawthorne K-5114 N. Rouse406 522-6700296
   PrincipalBozeman, MT 59715406 522-6730 fax
 Irving School K-5611 S. 8th406 522-6600346
   PrincipalBozeman, MT 59715406 522-6690 fax
Longfellow K-5516 S. Tracy406 522-6150316
   PrincipalBozeman, MT 59715406 522-6180 fax
Morning Star K-5830 Arnold Street406 522-6500550
   PrincipalBozeman, MT 59715406 522-6550 fax
Sacajawea Middle 6-83525 S. 3rd406 522-6400591
   PrincipalBozeman, MT 59715406 522-6474 fax
Whittier K-5511 N. 5th406 522-6750332
    PrincipalBozeman, MT 59715406 522-6780 fax
Bozeman High 9-12205 N. 11th406 522-6200~1700
    Dan MillsBozeman, MT 59715406 522-6222 fax
Gallatin High School4455 Annie Street406 522-4600~1200
    PrincipalBozeman, MT 59718406 522-4622 fax

Belgrade #44

Schools & AdministratorsAddressPhoneEnrollment
Superintendent K-12P.O. Box 166406 388-6951
   SuperintendentBelgrade, MT 59715406 388-0122 fax
Ridge View PK-4117 Greenbelt Dr406 388-4534469
   PrincipalBelgrade, MT 59714
 Martha Fox Heck/Quaw308 N. Broadway406 388-4104514
   PrincipalBelgrade, MT 59714
Belgrade Intermediate 4-6421 Spooner Rd406 388-3311687
   PrincipalBelgrade, MT 59714
Belgrade Middle School 7-8410 Triple Crown Rd406 388-3311416
   PrincipalBelgrade, MT 59714
Belgrade High School 9-12303 N. Hoffman406 388-4224859
   PrincipalBelgrade, MT 59715

Manhattan #03

Schools & AdministratorsAddressPhoneEnrollment
  Superintendent K-12P.O. Box 425406 284-6460
Manhattan, MT 59741406 284-6853 fax
   Principal K-8406 284-3250335
   Principal 9-12406 284-3341225

Willow Creek #15

Schools & AdministratorsAddressPhoneEnrollment
   Principal K-12P.O. Box 189406 285-699135
Willow Creek, MT 59760406 285-6923 fax

Springhill #20

Schools & AdministratorsAddressPhoneEnrollment
   Head Teacher K-86020 Springhill Community406 586-648518
Belgrade, MT 59714

Cottonwood #22

Schools & AdministratorsAddressPhoneEnrollment
   Dorothy Delaney & Kate Anderson K-513233 Cottonwood Rd406 763-491314
Bozeman, MT 59718406 763-4913 fax

Three Forks #24

Schools & AdministratorsAddressPhoneEnrollment
   Superintendent K-12212 E. Neal406 285-6830
Three Forks, MT 59752406 285-3216 fax
Three Forks Elementary K-8210 E. Neal406 285-3503392
   PrincipalThree Forks, MT 59752
Three Forks High School 9-12210 E. Neal406 285-3509185
   PrincipalThree Forks, MT 59752

Pass Creek #25

Schools & AdministratorsAddressPhoneEnrollment
   Head Teacher K-83747 Pass Creek Rd406 388-63539
Belgrade, MT 59714406 388-7978 fax

Monforton #27

Schools & AdministratorsAddressPhoneEnrollment
   Superin./Principal K-86001 Monforton School Rd406 586-1557172
Bozeman, MT 59718406 587-5049 fax

Gallatin Gateway #35

Schools & AdministratorsAddressPhoneEnrollment
   Superint. K-8P.O. Box 265406 763-4415163
Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730406 763-4886 fax

Anderson #41

Schools & AdministratorsAddressPhoneEnrollment
   Super./Prin. K-810040 Cottonwood Rd406 587-1305193
Bozeman, MT 59718406 587-2145 fax

LaMotte #43

Schools & AdministratorsAddressPhoneEnrollment
  Principal K-8841 Bear Canyon Rd406 586-283868
Bozeman, MT 59715406 585-8626 fax

Malmborg #47

Schools & AdministratorsAddressPhoneEnrollment
   Lead Teacher K-8375 Jackson Creek Rd406 586-275915
Bozeman, MT 59715406 586-9289 fax

West Yellowstone #69

Schools & AdministratorsAddressPhoneEnrollment
   Superintendent K-12P.O. Box 460406 646-7617
West Yellowstone, MT 59778406 646-7232 fax
West Yellowstone Elementary K-8500 Delacy139
  PrincipalWest Yellowstone, MT 59758
West Yellowstone High School 9-12500 Delacy406 646-761765
   PrincipalWest Yellowstone, MT 59758

Ophir #72 (Big Sky)

Schools & AdministratorsAddressPhoneEnrollment
   Superint. K-845465 Gallatin Rd406 995-4281175
Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730406 995-2161 fax

Amsterdam #75

Schools & AdministratorsAddressPhoneEnrollment
   Head Teacher K-66360 Camp Creek Rd406 282-721688
Manhattan, MT 59741406 282-7724 fax

 State of Montana Education Office of Public Instruction

Gallatin Valley Private Schools, Bozeman Private Schools, Gallatin County Montana Private Schools

SchoolPhoneGrades Serviced
Bozeman Christian School586-8061K – 12
Bridger View Learning Center388-9344Pre – 4
Great Beginnings Montessori587-0132Pre – K
Happy Hands Happy Hearts582-0761Pre – K
Head Waters Academy585-99976 – 8
Heritage Christian School587-9311K-12
Highland Montessori585-0171Pre – K
Learning Circle Montessori587-2672Ages 3-6
Manhattan Christian School282-7261Pre – 12
Middle Creek Montessori587-3817Pre – 6
Mount Ellis Academy587-5430K – 12
Petra Academy582-8165K – 12
Sourdough Montessori582-1548Pre – K
World Family School, Bozeman586-6544P – 3

Alternative Schools in Bozeman

Bridger Alternative School522-61009 – 12
Bozeman Field School577-2492Flexible

Post Secondary Education

Montana State University406.994-0211 Undergraduate, Graduate
Montana Bible College406.586-3585 Undergraduate
Gallatin College406.994.5536 Workforce Programs, AA, AS

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