February 10th, 2022

2022 Livingston MT Real Estate Market Report

Photo Median price, homes, land, condo-townhouse, Livingston, Montana.

Livingston & Park County, Montana Real Estate Market Report

February 2022, Median Prices: Homes cost $449,700 in Livingston, Montana

Market Trends, Forecast, Prices – Livingston, MT Real Estate Listings

Photo Livingston, MT and Park County Real Estate & Home Prices
Chart 1: Median real estate and home prices in Livingston and Park County, MT.

Chart 1: For many years, real estate (homes, condos, townhomes, land) prices have been trending up in Livingston and Park County, Montana.

In February 2016, real estate in Park County, Montana was $194,900 and $189,500 in Livingston.

Since then, prices in Livingston have increased ⇑ $232,700 or ⇑ 107.2%.

In this same period, Park County prices have risen ⇑ $185,100 or ⇑ 93%.

Today, in February 2021, we find real estate prices in Livingston are tied with those of Park County.

Today, Livingston real estate prices come in at $380,000. Park County’s price is also $380,000.

Photo Median price, homes, land, condos/townhouses, Livingston, Montana
Chart 2: Median price, homes, land, condo/townhouse, Livingston, Montana.

The forecast in Livingston and Park County is for continued price increases as the region is close enough to Bozeman for commuting.

Nonetheless, Livingston’s proximity to Bozeman is distant enough to keep Bozeman’s hot real estate market from having as dramatic an impact on its prices as it has on Belgrade, MT’s prices.

Chart 2: In Livingston, home prices are $449,700, up ⇑ $74,700 or ⇑ 19% in the last 12 months.

Today, condo and townhome prices are $225,000, down ⇓ $33,000 or ⇓ 12.7% from last February’s $258,000.

All land prices in Livingston, MT have steadily increased in the past few years as well.

For instance, land from one half acre to one acre was $80,200 in February 2016.

Today, in February 2022, the same-sized piece of Livingston land will cost you $160,000, a ⇑ $79,800 or ⇑ 99.5% increase in 6 years.

In February 2016, there were 878 properties for sale in Livingston. Today, there are 219.

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