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Taunya Fagan Reviews

Taunya Fagan Reviews, Feedback, Recommendations

Why Bozeman Realtor Taunya Fagan is one of the Top Real Estate Agents in Bozeman

What clients are saying about Taunya Fagan, Boutique Luxury @ ESTATE House, 3960 Valley Commons Drive, Suite 1, Bozeman MT 59718 – 406.579.9683

Taunya was very knowledgeable and very responsive to our requests and interests. Her staff is great and very helpful. Her strength is marketing, very important for high value properties.
I strongly recommend her for an excellent job in all respects. John S.

I wasn’t a local buyer so I knew very little about the Bozeman area real estate market. I saw Taunya on a listing I was interested in and visited her website then contacted her through her site. She responded the next day which I thought was impressive for an established realtor working in such a hot market. I liked her already. Chris & Stephanie

Taunya and her “Dream Team” went above and beyond to stage our home, bringing it to its full potential. They couldn’t have been more considerate, thoughtful and creative in their intent. This, paired with her professional photographer’s beautiful photos, allowed Taunya to command a top of the market price. All of our expectations were met and we couldn’t have been more pleased. Taunya, plain and simple, just knows what sells! Greg & Christine

Taunya Fagan was our agent for the recently completed sale of our home. From the outset she demonstrated professionalism and a thorough knowledge of the luxury home market, expertise in pricing, marketing and showing our home. She has impeccable honesty, remarkable attention to detail in photographing, marketing, and guiding us throughout the negotiations and selling process. Selling a home can be quite stressful, but not with Taunya.

Photo Taunya Fagan Bozeman Real Estate Ad November 2021
Taunya Fagan Bozeman Real Estate Ad, November 2021

She was our guide and represented our interests from listing to closing. She was always available to answer questions and address any concerns we may have had, and was our advocate throughout the entire process. She priced the home perfectly and we couldn’t have been happier! I highly recommend her. She is a joy to work with. Floyd and Leslie F. October 2021

I have worked with 4 different realtors and Taunya by far was the best agent I have worked with. In the beginning she took the time to understand what we were looking for in a house and followed up with sending us great listings. We are coming from out of state, so she was our eyes and ears on the ground. She spent time going and seeing all the houses we were looking at and gave us a fair judgement of the house with videos and commentary that made us feel comfortable to buy a house out of state.

She always talked us through offer strategies and did a great market study of the area. Once we found the house we were looking for she helped us make it reality. It only took us two offers to find the right property. She helped negotiate closing cost credits and furniture to be left in house. Not only would I rate her a 10/10 as a realtor, but she’s also an amazing person. Go with her, you will not be disappointed. Ryan T.

This is our fourth transaction in Bozeman with Taunya. She is always on top of her transactions from the very beginning. I really appreciate her knowledge of the local market. Taunya is a wonderful listener and truly does her best to accommodate her clients needs and wants. Once the transaction is under contract, she stays on top of each detail and allows her clients the freedom to handle all the other issues that they have to deal with. Having a representative like Taunya is invaluable in a real estate transaction, especially in a tight market like Bozeman. This is not the market to have a relationship with an inexperienced broker! Rod and Sandy

Photo Taunya Fagan Bozeman Real Estate Ad July 2021
Taunya Fagan Bozeman real estate listings, July 2021

My wife and I have known Taunya for years, but never had the opportunity to work with her, professionally, until we decided to sell our home in Bozeman. Taunya was the perfect broker for us. Her knowledge of the local market, together with her staging, marketing and negotiation skills was terrific. Our property was a higher end “horse” property and Taunya sold it in less than three weeks. We would certainly recommend Taunya Fagan Bozeman Real Estate to anyone looking for a professional, personable and effective broker. She is the best! Diane and Harry

Great service and real estate expertise. Taunya and team did a fantastic job at helping us find a beautiful property ! We are very grateful for her knowledge and patience as we searched for and closed on the right place for us— Thank you Taunya!! Lisa & Tom

Thank you for being God’s gift to us in making our dream home possible!  John & Dalva

Under Contract Fast! After listing my home with another realtor for several months with no solid offers, I decided to give Taunya a try. Within a couple weeks, I had a full price offer! I definitely recommend listing with Taunya Fagan. Kyle M.

This was my first commercial real estate transaction and Taunya made the experience absolutely perfect! From beginning to closing this transaction was smooth and organized with Taunya’s guidance, professionalism and support! I highly recommend having Taunya as an advocate and now friend! Deborah N.

Taunya Fagan Bozeman MT Real Estate Newspaper Ad
Taunya Fagan Bozeman real estate print ad.

Taunya was great from the start! Her suggestions to make the house look its best, to the professional pictures that showcased our homes beauty were instrumental in getting the house sold. She was with us every step of the way and attended every showing. A true seasoned veteran of real estate! Thank you Taunya, we love you!  Margo and Bill McGinness

When life circumstances dictated the sale of my long-time Bozeman home, I knew I had many realtor choices to help me navigate the process. Having known Taunya Fagan as a friend and business professional for many years, I decided that she and her team would best suit my timelines and most importantly, my disposition. Quite frankly, I don’t think anyone thinks selling your home will be easy or fun.

I was not looking forward to it in the least. So it was a happy surprise that, from first contact to final closing, Taunya and her team guided, advised, mentored, and fulfilled every aspect of my home sale. I willingly followed every direction and request. Some of the details, although potentially problematical, were dealt with in a timely and wise manner.

I was continually amazed that by specifically following Taunya’s advice based on her professional experience, the results in each situation were exactly as she predicted. Including always guiding me to higher levels of profitability than I was expecting in my own mind! I am 100% satisfied with my choice of Taunya for being my “Team Captain” with the largest financial decision of my life, and highly recommend her to anyone looking to do the same. Robert Worobec

Taunya knows the luxury home market in Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley. We hired her to market our home and, she nailed it! The price she suggested for the listing was spot on and our home sold much faster than we anticipated. We received plenty of notice for showings and the process of selling was as painless as possible. We are happy to have completed this transaction with Taunya Fagan Real Estate. Eliason, Bozeman, MT

Taunya Fagan Bozeman Luxury Homes Client Testimonial
Taunya Fagan client testimonial

If buying a home is climbing Mount Everest then Taunya Fagan is your real estate Sherpa. She’s an expert, a real professional, who knows the terrain, guides you through potential pitfalls, and is there to support you all the way through to planting your flag at the summit. Thanks again Taunya! I will always highly recommend you! Colleen W., San Francisco, CA

I have known Taunya Fagan for the last 4 months, and she has been pivotal in helping my family with an international move from Nicaragua. We are currently renting from one of her properties that she graciously provided for our first few months in Bozeman at a lower rate. She also ensured that the entire apartment was furnished and completely ready for the day of our arrival. It was much more that we ever expected and has shown her professionalism along with her sincerity in truly working to help her clients. Although she has a busy schedule, Taunya has been willing to work with us on searching for a house of our own. Her support and guidance has been encouraging through a time of great transition for my family, and we are truly grateful for her efforts. Nicholas C., Livingston, MT

We count ourselves very fortunate to work with Taunya on real estate matters in the Gallatin Valley. By far the most honest, professional and detail oriented agent in the valley! Her years of experience and knowledge served us well! Taunya is a proactive buyers and sellers agent and we highly recommend her for anyone looking to list or buy property. In a market filled with agents that don’t “close the loop” Taunya is the consummate professional. Deborah N., Bozeman, MT

I have been a commercial real estate broker for over 30 years and have met many agents/brokers along the way. Taunya Fagan is one of the best I have ever worked with. She is a true professional who always makes sure her clients come first and knows all the ins and outs of everything necessary to complete a sale whether representing Buyer or Seller. She abides by the realtor code of ethics and takes it very seriously. I wish more agents I worked with were as knowledgeable as she is. She is a real credit to the real estate industry and her sense of integrity is beyond question. She truly is one of the best there is! Lynn S., Bozeman, MT

I have worked with Taunya for over 12 years and she did an excellent job for my family. She is an expert in her field and very experienced. I would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling. Michael B., Bozeman, MT

I have known Taunya Fagan for over 16 years. We bought our first house from her and she helped us buy a parcel of land a few years back. She is now helping us with another real estate transaction. She knows the markets and is always willing to share her insights to help her clients achieve their goals. She will go the extra mile for you – I have even known her to deliver soup to a sick client. I highly recommend Taunya! Sheri K., Bozeman, MT

We sincerely want to thank Taunya Fagan for stepping in to help us sell our home. It had been previously on the market with limited showings and no offers. She gave sound advice regarding the market and pricing; went through each room offering creative staging and organization ideas, all with excellent taste – she even provided a piece of furniture to complete a room. Our house was soon on the market with a fresh new approach. It sold within a few months – faster than we imagined! Taunya Fagan is an experienced professional who is creative, organized, approachable, and a pleasure to work with. We would recommend her in a heartbeat! Syd & Steve Nettik, Bozeman

Taunya, I can’t tell you HOW EXCITED WE ARE TO GET TO BOZEMAN!!!! And so relieved that everything went as smoothly as it did considering our complicated schedules these past 6 wks! I’m so grateful for all of your help, advice and support through the whole process. Buying property out of state is scary and unfamiliar. I appreciate all that you taught me, showed me, shared with me – more than you know! You’ve been so AWESOME to work with and are such an INCREDIBLE person inside and out! I’m so looking forward to growing our friendship! TC, Texas

From another Bozeman Real Estate Agent:

It was such as amazing pleasure to work with you and I really, really mean it.  You have no ego, no attitude, you are just there for all the right reasons. I worship you!!! KP (a fellow Bozeman agent)

Taunya, We recently had a major move out of the Bozeman area to north western Washington State. My husband took a position with a company there and had to leave immediately. I was a bit concerned about being left with a 2yr old and trying to get my house sold quickly so that we could all be together. I interviewed several agents that seemed relatively competent but they all had to get back with me, check on prices and think about how best to market the house. There also seemed to be the gloomy warning of slowing house sales at this time of the year (late September).

When Taunya showed up I knew immediately that she would be the agent for us. She came with comparable market value comps in hand, she had her camera ready to take pictures and list that day, she had a marketing plan that included internet, newspaper, and television ads, at no additional charge to her standard commission. I was so impressed I agreed to sign with her on the spot. She was very helpful in coming up with a fair price that would have our house sold quickly but still assure us a great profit. Taunya began work immediately and kept her word and all her promises for her advertising package. She then wasted no time in setting up an open house only days after the listing was posted and did not one, but two full days in a row, on the first weekend of the listing.

Both days went very well, but at the end of the second day as she was packing up to leave a single man drove up on his motorcycle and asked if she would show him around. Even though she was ready to go, Taunya cheerfully agreed. He seemed like an unlikely buyer for such a large family home, and she had been told by many a naysayer that ”no one ever sells houses to buyers at open houses”. It turned out that though he did not have an agent, he was a serious buyer and was also so impressed with Taunya that he not only made an offer, but used her as his agent as well! Taunya handled being a dual agent with professionalism and fairness to both parties, making sure she took care of every detail with expediency and enthusiasm.

She even helped move up the closing date so all parties could move forward as quickly as possible. She made the experience fair, smooth and easy! But Taunya did not stop at the signing. She continued to follow up after the sale. Taunya spent her time making sure that we were set up with an agent in our new home and even followed up with finding a fantastic lender who worked extremely hard to make our experience buying our new home here as easy as possible. We cannot say enough about the integrity and professionalism that Taunya displayed in a world where you don’t often see that kind of work ethic anymore. We truly felt blessed! We would urge anyone in the Bozeman area to use Taunya as their agent if they truly want the best. And we wish her continued success and prosperity in the future. Sincerely, Jeff & Terri Stanley

Dear Taunya, I’ve bought and sold quite a few homes during the 35 years I’ve lived in Montana but never has it gone so smoothly as it did when you recently sold my townhouse and found the perfect replacement home for me here in Bozeman.

Your service was far and beyond my expectations. You found and supervised someone to upgrade my townhouse and sold it so quickly. You advertised it on TV and had several open houses and before I knew it, it was sold. And my new home is perfect. You listened and knew exactly what I was looking for. We didn’t spend a lot of time looking at homes. One look at one home and I bought it. I don’t know how you did it.

I, as you know, had been in real estate at Big Sky for 25 years and know the business. You, my friend, did everything perfectly. We closed on both properties without a hitch in about 2 weeks.

You can be sure I will recommend you to all my Big Sky and Bozeman friends. And thanks for that chili soup you brought over when I had that bad cold. What a gal! And a superb realtor too. Don Hart, Bozeman, MT


We were vacationing near Bozeman, Montana when Taunya shared her enthusiasm for Montana living and it’s all around advantages. To make a long story short, she showed us property and we purchased our home with her help in Gallatin Gateway. A short while later Taunya also brokered my deal with Yellowstone Club to buy 5.5 acres and join the club later that year. We couldn’t be happier with our purchases and we owe the smooth transaction to Taunya. She thinks of creative ways to surmount problems aided by her thorough and efficient preparation and her focus on the clients.

We were impressed with Taunya’s ability to search out properties that were not yet on the market and could potentially be real bargains. No deal is too complicated for her. Besides her strong professionalism and integrity, Taunya is positive and cheery, and a delight to work with. She is fun, fair and flexible.

Currently, we are looking at other properties with Taunya and continue to be impressed with her knowledge and skills. We highly recommend her for any real estate deal. John Halvajian, David Anderson

Dear Taunya,

Wanting to enter the Bozeman Real Estate market, we purchased our first condo through you. You found us a new condo in a lovely development with beautiful views, and we were tremendously pleased with the quick, smooth closing of the purchasing transaction.

Two years later, you found us our dream home, and once again we had the opportunity of working with you in the listing of our condo. Your listing services went “above and beyond” that which is normal.You artfully and professionally staged the condo, designed beautiful flyers, held well advertised weekly open houses with detailed follow-up with potential buyers.

You marketed our property on the internet, television, and in local and national newspapers. You kept us informed of the activity you were having on the condo. It all worked to procure a “top dollar” sale shortly after listing the property which allowed us to purchase our dream home which you found for us.

You helped us find a lender and worked with us on a day to day basis to insure quick, smooth closings on both the selling and purchasing transactions. Your tireless effort and positive attitude, your responsible approach and skillful negotiation, backed by your exceptional real estate knowledge, helped us achieve our dream.

We want to tell you how impressed we were with your work ethic and devotion to us as your clients and thank you. You truly are in an elite category of real estate agents. Sincerely, George and Joy, Bozeman, MT

Dear Taunya, We wanted to write you a short note of appreciation for all you have done for us over the course of the past two years. To recap, we met when we called you about a listing. We were outside of the home and you came right over and met us, with no hesitation. We were immediately struck by your professionalism, promptness, your knowledge of your field and this market in particular. From that point forward you regularly contacted us with possible homes and land in which we might be interested.

You were always accommodating when we called you to view property. We looked at a lot of properties over the course of two years and you were always patient and never made us feel like we were wasting your time. Finally, in May of 2007 you walked into a home with us and we knew right away, it was a match and this was the home we had been looking for, for the past 2 years. You assisted us in the buying process and advised us on how to get the home for a reasonable price.

You respected our concerns and never pushed us to step outside of our comfort zone financially. You also calmed our fears about selling our current home in a timely fashion. We feel you did your research and appropriately advised us on how much we should list our home for. We were struck by your marketing skills as we feel they are excellent and we were amazed that you sold our home in three days. Your candid advice regarding how to show our house in the best manner possible was outstanding. In fact, the process was so painless it took us both by surprise. We greatly appreciate all you have done for us and are grateful to have met you. You were a wonderful real estate agent and now a great friend. Thank you again. Best regards, Dr. Hallie Bornstein Banziger and Walter Banziger, AIA, LEED AP

Dear Taunya, Thank you so much for all the hard work on our behalf. We had been looking to buy property in Bozeman for years and when the opportunity came in 2009, we jumped on it. We had no real estate contacts in Bozeman and we found you by simply researching agents on line. We decided to start working with you because your website was so well organized and informative. Your website was also one of the few to offer all the info on the property without first requiring us to provide you “with our personal information and email”. I found your approach very refreshing.

Once we got to know you, you lived up to our highest expectations. Your efforts on our behalf were limitless. You are also one of the most informed agents we have ever met. You obviously do your homework and stay involved on all levels in the Bozeman community. Over time, everyone we met had nothing but the highest praise for your approach and honesty. Our experience with you matched your reputation in the area.

We ended up buying 2 properties in the Bozeman from you in early 2009, one great new house and one separate piece of beautiful land. Both are perfect. We are very excited to finally be part of the Bozeman community. Thank you for helping us on so many levels. Good luck in everything you do! Adam and Jodi Leiter, Bozeman, MT

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