January 8th, 2021

Bozeman Luxury Homes For Sale

Bozeman Luxury Homes For Sale

Bozeman Luxury Homes For Sale – January 2021 Luxury Homes Market Report

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Q1 2021: The number of Bozeman luxury homes for sale (above $700,000) inside and outside the city of Bozeman, Montana and on large parcels or in subdivisions continues declining, dropping from December’s 126 to January 2021’s 109. Median luxury sales prices are approximately $800,000 inside the city and $986,000 outside Bozeman.

Bozeman Luxury Home Listings For 2021 – Continuous Updates

Bozeman Luxury Home Listings $700000 to $800000Bozeman Luxury Home Listings 2 million to 3 million
Bozeman Luxury Home Listings $800000 to $900000Bozeman Luxury Home Listings 3 million to 5 million
Bozeman Luxury Home Listings $900000 to 1 millionBozeman Luxury Home Listings Over 5 million
Bozeman Luxury Home Listings 1 million to 2 millionHomepage All Bozeman Homes For Sale

According to recent polls by NAR, WSJ, and others, almost 50% of Gen X luxury buyers want a suburban setting with a detached house, ~35% want a pool, ~35% a smart house. The Gen X luxury residential buyer also wanted specialty rooms, room(s) for visitors/family, proximity to entertainment and dining, and nearby recreational opportunities among other things.

2014 – 2021 Bozeman Luxury Homes Data – ‘Want Condo and Townhome Listings and Data?

Bozeman Luxury Homes Median Sales Price Ten Years
Bozeman Luxury Homes Median Sales Price, Ten Years

Bozeman Luxury Homes Median Sales Price

Looking back: median luxury sales prices for residential luxury homes inside and outside Bozeman city limits were flat but began rising in Q2 as Covid set in and people fled urban centers and Coronavirus hotbeds.

Q1 2021: Bozeman luxury home median sales prices began 2021 on the downswing inside Bozeman.

Outside Bozeman in Q1 2021, median sales price continued upward from 2020’s January low of $915,000 to end the year at $986,250, which is about where the January 2021 price rests.

Also, in 2020, median sales prices outside the city were vibrant, beginning their march upward in April and continue upward in early 2021.

Q3-Q4 2020: median luxury home sale prices inside Bozeman’s city limits peaked for the year at $816,375 in August 2020, dropping slightly, to $803,134, in September and then hovered around $800,00 through the end of 2020. 

And, outside Bozeman city limits, median luxury sales prices” rose to $975,000 in September 2020 and are over $986,000 in early 2021.

Bozeman Luxury Homes Opportunity

During Q1 2020, the number of luxury homes available inside Bozeman’s city limits was around 30 but the number has been falling since July 2020 and continues into 2021.

During Q1 and into Q2 2020, luxury homes for sale outside of Bozeman’s city limits were rising, topping out in June at 108; the number of homes for sale outside Bozeman has been falling ever since June 2020 and that trend continues into Q1 2021.

Bozeman Luxury Homes Homes For Sale Ten Years
Number Bozeman Luxury Homes For Sale, Ten Years

Bozeman’s luxury home supply inside the city limits began decreasing in July 2020 and continues in Q1 2021.

Some of the popular Bozeman luxury home subdivisions include:

  • Downtown: Historic Willson Street, The Village Downtown
  • Northside: Autumn Ridge Ranch, Bridger Canyon, The Homestead, Jackson Creek, Kelly Canyon, Manley Meadows, Old Farm, Spain Bridge Meadows, Springhill Reserve, Summer Ridge, Spirit Hills, Ross Creek Ranch
  • Southside: Gardiner Park, Oak Springs, Saddle Ridge, Northridge Ranch, Triple Tree, Sourdough Ridge, Sundance Springs, West Meadows
  • Eastside: Bear Canyon, Eagle Rock Reserve, Painted Hills, Trail Creek, S. Kelly Canyon
  • Westside: Black Bull, Gallatin River Preserve, Green Hills Ranch, Montana Ranch, Westlake Park, Wylie Creek Ranch, Fox Run, Cameron Bridge Estates

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