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Experts speculate that the first log structure was built during the Bronze Age–3300 BC to 1200 BC–somewhere in Northern Europe, perhaps modern-day Germany, Scandinavia, or Russia.

Settlers coming to America from Europe brought their log-building skills and techniques with them, using North America’s abundant conifers to craft logs for

Granot Loma, UP Michigan - Luxury Log Homes

Granot Loma, UP, Michigan – World’s Largest Luxury Log Home

which they constructed homes, animal and crop shelters, barns, outhouses, commercial structures, etc.

World’s largest luxury log home is the 50-room, 26,000 sf Granot Loma Lodge on Lake Superior, Northern Michigan.

Remember Lincoln Logs? They were created by architect, Frank Lloyd-Wright’s son, John Lloyd-Wright.

United States Presidents Born or Raised in Log Homes:

  1. Andrew Jackson
  2. William Henry Harrison
  3. James Polk
  4. Zachary Taylor
  5. Millard Fillmore
  6. Franklin Pierce
  7. JamesĀ Buchanan
  8. Abraham Lincoln
  9. Ulysses S. Grant
  10. James Garfield

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