February 20th, 2020

Montana Log Home Listings Above $700,000

Bozeman Montana Log Homes

Montana Log Home Listings Above $700,000

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Cherokee James Vann Log Cabin 1805 - NPS Photo

Even the strongest of us cannot lift a heavy log above head-level, consequently, many early cabins or cabins built by solitary individuals were constructed only to the builder’s height.

With help or a primitive crane, log homes were constructed close to today’s height.

Cloth or clay was often used to chink between logs and was applied from the inside. Generally, floors were of packed earth, but at times lengthwise-split logs–puncheons–abutted, and with round side down, were installed on the flattened earth.

Montana Log Home Listings Above $700,000

, Big SkyBig Sky Real Estate$18,000,000
, PhilipsburgPhilipsburg Real Estate$6,750,000
, Gallatin GatewayGallatin Gateway Real Estate$4,750,000
, BozemanBozeman Real Estate$4,000,000
, Big SkyBig Sky Real Estate$3,999,999
, HelenaHelena Real Estate$3,750,000
, EnnisEnnis Real Estate$2,800,000
, AnacondaAnaconda Real Estate$2,750,000
, Gallatin GatewayGallatin Gateway Real Estate$2,750,000
, Big SkyBig Sky Real Estate$2,479,000
, Gallatin GatewayGallatin Gateway Real Estate$2,350,000
, TownsendTownsend Real Estate$2,350,000
, Gallatin GatewayGallatin Gateway Real Estate$2,350,000
, CameronCameron Real Estate$2,275,000
, BozemanBozeman Real Estate$2,259,000
, PolarisPolaris Real Estate$2,250,000
, Gallatin GatewayGallatin Gateway Real Estate$1,897,000
, AnacondaAnaconda Real Estate$1,800,000
, BozemanBozeman Real Estate$1,800,000
, BozemanBozeman Real Estate$1,795,000
, TownsendTownsend Real Estate$1,790,000
, PrayPray Real Estate$1,750,000
, Gallatin GatewayGallatin Gateway Real Estate$1,500,000
, LivingstonLivingston Real Estate$1,500,000
, HighwoodHighwood Real Estate$1,490,000
, White Sulphur SpringsWhite Sulphur Springs Real Estate$1,490,000
, CameronCameron Real Estate$1,300,000
, BelfryBelfry Real Estate$1,300,000
, BelfryBelfry Real Estate$1,095,900
, MissoulaMissoula Real Estate$914,900
, CameronCameron Real Estate$850,000
, Clyde ParkClyde Park Real Estate$850,000
, Seeley LakeSeeley Lake Real Estate$779,000
, RamsayRamsay Real Estate$725,000
, BozemanBozeman Real Estate$725,000

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