February 21st, 2023

Adam and Jodi

Dear Taunya, Thank you so much for all the hard work on our behalf. We had been looking to buy property in Bozeman for years and when the opportunity came in 2009, we jumped on it. We had no real estate contacts in Bozeman and we found you by simply researching agents on line. We decided to start working with you because your website was so well organized and informative. Your website was also one of the few to offer all the info on the property without first requiring us to provide you “with our personal information and email”. I found your approach very refreshing. Once we got to know you, you lived up to our highest expectations. Your efforts on our behalf were limitless. You are also one of the most informed agents we have ever met. You obviously do your homework and stay involved on all levels in the Bozeman community. Over time, everyone we met had nothing but the highest praise for your approach and honesty. Our experience with you matched your reputation in the area. We ended up buying 2 properties in the Bozeman from you in early 2009, one great new house and one separate piece of beautiful land. Both are perfect. We are very excited to finally be part of the Bozeman community. Thank you for helping us on so many levels. Good luck in everything you do!

– Adam and Jodi Leiter, Bozeman, MT


Taunya Fagan

Giving you the advantage