March 23rd, 2020

10 Fun Things To Do At Home In Bozeman

10 Fun Things To Do At Home In Bozeman

10 Fun Things To Do At Home In Bozeman

Out-waiting the Coronavirus indoors with kids…or adults.

While we await the decline of the Coronavirus in Bozeman and the rest of our country, here are some things to do at home in Bozeman for both young and old.

10 Not-So-Fun Things To Do At Home In Bozeman During Coronavirus

1. Take on-line courses at MSU or from the Bozeman Library  and for all ages from the University of Montana, the Montana Digital Academy (MTDA), which offers Montana schools and students online educational courses. MTDA puts no limits on learning.

2. Free, on-line TV and best online streaming services.

3. Visit the South Carolina Aquarium on-line

10 Fun Things To Do At Home In Bozeman During Coronavirus Baking4. Do or teach yourself how to cook or bake.

5. Get artistic: cut out photos from newspapers and magazines and make collages. Make paint and then go to work painting!

6. Read…imagine that. Best books for children and best books for adults.

7. Do some acting or listen to plays online: find a play at Drama Online. More plays and stories at New Musicals Inc.

8. Set up the tent or build a blanket and pillow fort with the kids and then camp for the night(s)…just don’t start any fires on the living room floor!

9. Literally make music with various pots and pans; metal or wooden spoons, knives, and forks; cups, paper towel tubes, stretched rubber bands, plastic tubs, combs, etc.

10. Play indoor games to burn off energy: Hide-N-Seek, pillow case hop, bake, sock bean bag throw, try a science experiment, human-powered wheelbarrow races, obstacle course, indoor bowling, tape shapes on floor: jump from one to another, make paper airplanes, go on a treasure hunt.

And of course, everyone has a game or two, so Pull out the good old games like Monopoly, Pictionary, cards, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Clue, Battleship…make your own Twister.

Wash those hands and surfaces! Don’t get bored indoors. Do something constructive during the Covid-19 fight!

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