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Bozeman Montana

Bozeman MT Life

Bozeman, Montana: History – 59715 – Gallatin County, MT – John Bozeman – Bozeman MT – 59718 – Fort Ellis – Bozeman Pioneers and Founders – Population ~ 42,000 Bozeman Fastest Growing Community in the United States In 1864, W.W….

Montana Beer History and Breweries

Bozeman Breweries - Craft Brewers - ©Taunya Fagan Photo

Montana Beer History: Brewing, Craft-Brewers, Microbreweries Bozeman’s First Craft Beer Week, May 2017, Organized by Fermentana at Bozeman’s MAP Brewery Beginnings, History Montana Beers: First named “Thorn-Smith Brewery” and then renamed “Virginia Brewery,” Montana’s first craft brewing industry began in Virginia…