Montana Cities

Southwest and Southcentral Montana Cities

Bozeman, Montana – Cultural and Educational Center of Southwest Montana

In 1864, W.W. Alderson described Montana’s Gallatin Valley, home to Bozeman, as “one of the most beautiful and picturesque valleys the eye ever beheld, abounding in springs of clear water.” In the late 1800’s many agreed, calling it “The Egypt” or “The Garden Spot of Montana.”

The Ski Town of Big Sky, Montana – the State’s Skiing Mecca

Until the early 1970’s, Big Sky (the term from the A. B. Guthrie novel of the same name) was a quiet southwest Montana ski area along the Gallatin River with a few guest ranches and little else.

The City of Belgrade, Montana – Home of Montana’s Busiest Airport

Belgrade is a sister city to Bozeman and an intrinsic part of the growing Bozeman-metro area. The 12th largest city in Montana and home to about 7500 residents, Belgrade is an affordable, family-oriented western Montana community.

The Cowboy Town of Ennis, Montana – Great Fishing, Stunning Montana Mountains

Ennis, named in 2009 by Cowboy Magazine as a top 20 western town, was named for freighter, William Ennis. This idyllic little western town is located in Montana’s Madison Valley, along the world famous Madison River, one of Montana’s finest trout fishing streams.

Montana’s Capital City, Helena

Originally known as Crabtown, after one of the four gold-panning founders, John Crab, the name was changed to “Helena” at the suggestion of John Sommerville, who originated from Saint Helena, Minnesota.

The Cowboy Town of Livingston, Montana

Livingston is nestled along the free-flowing Yellowstone River, one of the world’s longest un-dammed rivers. Main Street and the historic districts are reminders of Livingston’s bygone golden railroad era.

The Farming Community of Manhattan, MT

While scouting for just the right Gallatin Valley farm land on which to grow malting barley, Henry Altenbrand and several New York businessmen decided in 1890 that the rolling land around Moreland, Montana, 20 miles northwest of Bozeman, would suffice for Manhattan.